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Principal Stephen Donndelinger...

Most people here know me as Mr. D. I was born and raised in Wisconsin, attending excellent Catholic Schools grades K-12. I graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 2000 with a B.A. and 2004 with an M.Ed. through Notre Dame's ACE program. I spent 4 years teaching 4th grade at St. Monica School before being selected as the principal of St. Jude in 2006. I have now had the privilege of ministering to the parish of which I have been a member since 2000. It is a special experience to be such an intimate part of the place where you both work for and worship with the same community. As long as I am blessed to serve this thriving community, I will do everything I can to ensure that our school is a model for Catholic Education in the 21st century. Our schools have survived over 200 years of turmoil and change. St. Jude and other Catholic Schools will live to see another century by showing that we can reinvent ourselves as a necessary and vital part of the American educational framework.

At. St. Jude, we are striving to bring outstanding faith and education to the children and families that we serve.  Whether you are a student, parent, relative, friend, prospective family, or casual visitor; we invite you to explore our web site and learn more about the people and ideas that make us unique.

Ours is a PK-8 Catholic grade school with a recent enrollment of approximately 200 students.  We offer numerous opportunities for students to grow in faith, including weekday Masses with student participation, Advent and Lenten morning prayer services, Living Rosary, All Saints Day projects, Communion and Confirmation preparation, service opportunities, and student-led drives for local charities.

We offer curricular growth by following and assessing students based on the State of Indiana standards for academic achievement. We create long terms goals and evaluation of our curriculum through a process of curriculum mapping and continuous school improvement.  In recent years we have been routinely accredited as a member of AdvancED—one of this nation’s premier school quality recognition organizations.

Students will have the opportunity to learn about all subjects including religion, language arts, math, science, social studies, music, art, technology, and physical education.  Our middle school will be introducing daily “elective” classes that allow students to explore skills that will provide lifelong learning and entertainment.  We offer a “gifted opportunities” program for high-achieving students and we do support students with special education needs through our licensed resource teacher, an adjunct of the South Bend Community School Corporation.  Our athletics program offers a full range of ICCL sports—football, softball, soccer, volleyball, basketball, track and field, wrestling and baseball.

Most of all, you will find a community of committed and caring individuals.  We have all range of families here—from those who have been here across generations to those who are very new.  Please e-mail, call, or stop in if you would like more information about us.  I, as principal, will personally meet with you and show you around the school.

May your families be blessed with love and peace!

Stephen Donndelinger