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Registration Fees

A non-refundable registration fee of $100 per student is due at the time registration and will be deducted from the final tuition costs shown below.

Tuition 2019-2020

The following are the current tuition rates. See the Family Handbook for more information on parishioner eligibility.

K-8 Regular Tuition

Per child

Total Due
(fees included in cost*)


K-8 Active Parishioner
Family rate

Total Due
(fees included in cost*)
1 child   $4345
2 children   $7660 ($3830 per child)
3 children   $9969 ($3323 per child)
each additional child

+$2311 each

Pre-K (regardless of status)
Per Child

Total Due
($100 registration fee included in cost)

5-day full time   $3695
5-day part time/3-day full time   $2695
3-day part time   $2295

















Payment Options

Parents will have the following options for paying tuition (register using FACTS):

OPTION #1:  One lump sum payment payable in July.

OPTION #2:  Ten monthly payments through automatic deduction.

*Fees include $100 registration fee + $150 book/material fee + $200 other fees (supervision, technology, fine arts, assessment, diocesan)