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Registration Fees

A non-refundable registration fee of $100 per student is due at the time registration and will be deducted from the final tuition costs shown below. (Due to the COVID closure, we are currently allowing families to postpone their registration deposit, to be paid later along with their tuition.)

Tuition 2021-2022

The following are the current tuition rates. See the Family Handbook for more information on parishioner eligibility.

K-8 Regular Tuition
Per child

Total Due
(fees included in cost*)

$ 6700
K-8 Active Parishioner
Family rate
Total Due
(fees included in cost*)
1 child   $ 4515
2 children   $ 7960 ($3980 per child)
3 children   $10359 ($3453 per child)
each additional child

+$ 2399 each
Pre-K (regardless of status)
Per Child

Total Due
($100 registration fee included in cost)
5-day full time   $3800
5-day part time/3-day full time   $2800
3-day part time   $2400
5-day premium rate
(Includes daily aftercare)














Payment Options

Parents will have the following options for paying tuition (register using FACTS):

OPTION #1:  One lump sum payment payable in July.

OPTION #2:  Ten monthly payments through automatic deduction.

*Fees include $100 registration fee + $150 book/material fee + $200 other fees (supervision, technology, fine arts, assessment, diocesan)