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Christine Schrader

Miscellaneous Information

Mrs. Christine Schrader is St. Jude’s Art teacher. She has taught children in the Arts field for 20 years. She has a BA in theatre arts; however, her content of study was mostly experimental and performance art. Her work experience entailed integrative arts – which involves visual arts, creative movement, sound, and creative writing that culminated in a showcase of moving images. Therefore, her Master’s program was in Curriculum and Instruction in the Unified Arts. She has 3 years of experience teaching art in the classroom at St. Paul’s Catholic School in Barton, Vermont. Her primary hope at St. Jude is to instill the belief that all children are artists with natural creative instincts and vision given by the grace of God. She hopes her teaching will open students’ eyes to the beauty of our world and give them confidence to express themselves. At this stage of life for elementary and middle school artists, she believes art is necessary and should be available.

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