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Caela Dominello

Miscellaneous Information

Mrs.Caela Dominello is St. Jude's 8th Grade/middle school mathematics teacher. She grew up in Michigan City and moved to South Bend in sixth grade. She attended IUSB and later earned her Master's Degree in Education at Notre Dame. In high school Mrs. Dominello knew that she wanted become a teacher but started out in a different career. She ended up working with a Kindergarten teacher who encouraged her to go back to school to fulfill her dream. Mrs. Dominello keeps her students interested by showing them real world applications of what they are learning. She also tries to mix up activities. For example, they may cut or fold paper to understand area formulas or multiplication of fractions. They also may act out vocabulary words in geometry. Mrs. Dominello also encourages the use of technology such as interactive websites or graphing calculators. Caela has two sons and a daughter-in-law. Caela enjoys doing numerous outdoor activities with her family. She also loves to read and do puzzles in her spare time.

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