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Upcoming News and Announcements:

-ELearning Days will begin Wednesday, March 18th

- Elearning Days will be conducted on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays

 - AS OF MARCH 13th; school will remain closed until April 13th with ELEARNING taking place 

- *** Middle School is requesting that as of 3/23, that checklists ONLY are being submitted with the exception of Mrs. S writings when specifically directed in the days assignment. 


Middle School Families, please click on HOMEWORK PAGE which will direct you to finding your child's ENTIRE ELearning assignment list for EVERY subject for the day.  This can also be accessed above on the St.Jude webpage through Class Pages titled the same " Homework Page" 

Social Studies at a Glance

5TH GRADE: We are in Chapter 6: American Revolution

6TH GRADE: We are currently on: Ancient Greece, Rome, and Middle Ages

7TH GRADE:  We are currently on: Central Asia

8TH GRADE: We are currently on: Forming a Government 


 Reading at a Glance:

5TH GRADE: "How Roads Take a Toll on Wildlife"

Main Skill(s): Argumentative Text, Main Idea(claim), Text Evidence 

Word Skill(s): Common Suffix endings; Synonyms and Antonyms


6TH GRADE: Heroes Journey "Castle in the Attic"

Main Skill(s): Characterization, Story Plot, Theme

Word Skill(s): Figurative language and word choice



5th grade is expected to read 40 points per trimester.

6th grade is expected to read 50 points per trimester.

End of Third Trimester is: February 28th


Vocabulary Words

5th Grade


sanctuary           diminish              thrive                   unfettered          

rehabilitate         raise                     captivity              certain

instinct                generation          adequate             avoid

cooperate            risk   

6th Grade

Academic Terms

 lyric                alliteration             imagery              connotation

irony                allusion                 diction               monologue

couplet             literal                   refrain                metaphor

simile              personification      symbolism          onomatopoeia            



**Helpful Resources and Websites: 

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