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Upcoming News and Announcements:

-ELearning Days will begin Wednesday, March 18th

- Elearning Days will be conducted on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays


AS OF MARCH 13th; school will remain closed until April 13th with ELEARNING taking place 


 Families, as of now with our current situation, it is important to continue to check teachers classroom pages for updated ELEARNING assignments as well as your email accounts for submitting checklists. This well help to ensure students are aware, counted as "present," and are up to date with ELEARNING activities and assignments.  



SCR: Half of the points must be nonfiction. For each nonfiction book you read, you MUST turn in a book report. Read SRC or classic books about thirty minutes a day.  SRC is part of the literature (reading) grade in seventh and eighth grades. Seventh graders need 50 points per trimester and eighth graders need 60 points per trimester. Points are taken twice a trimester and equal a 100 point test each time. Points do not carry over from one trimester to the next. Half the points must come from nonfiction sources and book reports must be completed to receive full credit. About eighty-five percent of the reading is done outside of class. Tests may only be taken in my classroom under designated adult supervision. They may be taken before and after school as well as in class, as time allows.


ALL PARENTS: English is a language that builds upon basic foundations. Students in first grade are taught what a subject and a verb are and what a sentence is. Each year the basic concepts are reviewed and built upon. If a lesson is not mastered, it requires further study and practice; otherwise, the foundation collapses and additional subject matter taught cannot be understood.  Students must study and review charts of linking/being and helping verbs, pronouns in all their forms,all prepositions, and all the varied conjunctions (all found in student text books and a packet I will provide).  Every year I stress this with my students, and I still have a number who cannot find a verb and do not recognize a preposition. Please, parents, have your children study their charts regularly. We do DOL (Daily Oral Language) every day for bell work.  Through this, students have a clear picture of what they remember and what areas they are weak in. (Note: Students, at this time, are allowed to reference textbooks.) They are told they must take textbooks home and study weak areas.Too, take a look at what your child writes. Is the sentence a complete thought? Does it make a vague pronoun reference before establishing a clear noun antecedent? Does the sentence begin with a capital letter and end with punctuation? Does your child capitalize the pronoun I ? Taking the time to ensure these basics are followed will help all tremendously. Too, these guidelines should be followed across all subjects.Thank you for your support.

Wednesday, March 18

8th grade- Literature: 1. Please take a picture of the book 3 answers you wrote (The Book Thief) and e-mail them to me. This is how you will receive credit. They were due yesterday. Once I have checked everyone's answers in, I will post the correct answers.2. Continue reading book 4. Continue working on the larger packet as you read. You will need this to complete projects sent out later. 5. Read one-half hour a day toward your SRC goal. This must be verified by you and a parent. (I have read at least one-half hour today toward my SRC goal.) Write this out; you and your parent must sign it, date it, and e-mail me a picture.Spelling and Vocabulary: By now you should have already read the story on Steve Jobs, 164-65. You should have also read through the words+ on pages 166-68 and correctly filled in the blanks. You should have also already completed synonyms and antonyms. Today do Choosing the Right Word with parts of speech and Completing the Sentence, 1-10, with parts of speech. This is due Friday. Take a pictures of all the completed pages mentioned and e-mail them to me Friday. You can photograph two pages at a time (i.e. 170-71).This is how you will receive credit. Grammar: Read and study pages 455-57 of your text book. Complete page 458.Write out or type answers. Then take a photo and e-mail it or just e-mail typed answers.

7th grade- Literature: 1. Read page 628, "Comparing Narrative Poems," 2. Read "The Highwayman," by Alfred Noyes, twice (pp. 630-635). Then answer the questions in the margins of the pages.Also answer questions 1-4 on page 635.This assignment is due Friday. You may e-mail typed answers or take a photo of written answers and e-mail them to me. Spelling and Vocabulary: If you have been following the plan I already gave you Friday, you should have read the story "The Last Flight of the Hindenburg" on pages 164-65.You should have also already read through the new words+ on pages 166-68 and filled in the blanks.Too, I would expect you to have completed synonyms and antonyms. Now do Choosing the Right Word with parts of speech and Completing the Sentence, 1-10. This is due Friday. Take a picture of the completed pages (2 at a time in one shot should work, i.e.168-69), and e-mail me the answers. This is how you will receive credit. Do keep working on SRC. Grammar: Complete pages 80-82 of the packet. Again, photograph the completed pages and e-mail them or type out the answers and e-mail them to receive credit. Work is due Friday.

6th grade- Spelling and Vocabulary: If you have followed the assignments I sent you home with Friday, you should have already read the story "Farewell, Blue Yodeler" on pages 126-27 and read through the new words+ on pages 128-30 and filled in the blanks. You should have also already completed synonyms and antonyms. Now do Choosing the Right Word with parts of speech and Completing the Sentences, 1-10, with parts of speech. Take a photo of the pages (you should be able to get 2 pages in one shot, i.e. 128-29) and e-mail it to me. This is how you will receive credit.2. Complete pages 152-54 of the packet and e-mail photos of completed work to me.

5th grade- Spelling and Vocabulary:  As I directed Friday, Unit 22 is the assignment of the week. Hopefully you already wrote the words in your planner and completed the chart (from the bottom of p. 144). Too, I would hope worked on p. 145 on Tuesday. Today, add pages 46 and 47. It is due Friday. Take a picture of the work and e-mail it to me or type the answers and e-mail them to me. This is how you will receive credit. Grammar:  Complete pages 94-95. Take a picture of the work and send it to me; this is how you will receive credit. It is due Friday.







March 12

5th- pp. 54 and 154 in grammar

6th grade-p. 177, 6-10; parenthesis around phrase, underline simple verbal, label parts of sentence

7th grade- worksheet pages 137 and 140 in English; answer marginal questions for poems on pp. 578, 578, and 580

8th grade- lit.- work on chapter 3 questions for TBT (due Mon.); grammar pp. on gerunds, participles, and infinitives


March 11

5th- pp 10 and 176 in grammar

6th- p. 173m 6-10; 175, 6-10; 177, 1-5- put parenthesis around phrases, underline simple verbal, label everything; STUDY PREPOSITIONS

7th - 142 on infinitives; A. put parenthesis around the infinitive phrase and underline the simple inf.; B. do the same as A, but also label the parts of the sentence ***** Label a subject s and n (noun); label a predicate noun PN and N, etc.'; SRC

8th grade- 11-20 on p. 414; SRC









Feb. 18

8th grade- Read "The Medicine Bag"; SRC due Feb. 26

7th grade- Read "After Twenty Years"; SRC due Feb.26; test tomorrow on conjunctions, conjunctive adverbs, and interjerjections

6th grade-p. 368, 1-20

5th grade- spelling pages 126-27; test Fri.


Feb. 14

8th grade- correct tests; SRC due Feb. 26

7th grade- lit. test on "The Third Wish" Tuesday; grammar test on conjunctions (all types) and interjections Wed.; SRC due Feb. 26

6th grade- write preposition list out 2x; correct first test and get it signed; test on prepositions/prepositional phrases Tuesday

5th grade- write new word list in planner


Feb. 12

8th grade- grammar p. 364, 11-20; all of page 365;test Friday on conjunctions; read "The White Umbrella,"  415-25. SRC deadline approaching- 30 points beginning Jan. 10 with an average no less than 850

7th grade- grammar p.      , 11-20; p.     , Part 1 and Part 2, test soon on conjunctions and interjections, SRC deadline approaching soon- 25 points since Jan. 10 with an average of not less than 850

6th grade- red book, p. 606, sections 1 and 2; retest Tuesday on prepositions

5th grade- sp pages 123, 124, and 125; study spelling and general meaning of words for review test Fri.


Feb. 11

8th grade- p. 361, 11-20 and five original sentences with conjunctive adverbs; benchmark test Thursday

7th- Read "The Third Wish" on pages 312 to 318; answer questions 1-5 on p. 319.Make test corrections by Friday.

6th-red book, p. 357, 1-10

5th grade- review p. 122 for sp; test Fri.; p. 86 grammar (positive,comparative, and superlative degrees of words).

Feb. 5

8th- Read "Flowers for Algernon" in lit and complete the double-sided worksheet; study for Friday's sp/vocab review test for units 10, 11, and 12; do SRC

7th- Study sp/ vocabulary for the review test Fri. over units 7 through 12

6th- do practice review sheet for sp/vocab test Fri. complete p. 124 in the review for vocab.; test is over units 7,8, and 9

5th- pp. 117-118 in sp' write definitions for 9 words, using the dictionary I gave you


Jan. 31-

8th- sp/vocab review test 9-12 next Friday; test on "Charles" Monday; SRC

7th-grammar 1-20 on p. 359 (write out sentences);sp/vocab review test 9-12 next Friday; test on readings ("Seventh Grade" and "Melting Pot") Wed.; SRC

6th grade- Unit 9 portion of the vocab. test Monday; review test 6-9 next Friday; grammar p. 361, 1-20

5th grade- nothing


Jan. 29

8- test on "Charles" tomorrow; test on vocab. Friday (Those who were absent and missed class today need to get make-up worksheets and complete them and other assignments.)

7- Read "Melting Pot," 290-99; find an idiom used in the story. Write it down. Did it help you to enjoy the story more or understand it better? Which one? Why?; sp/vocab, test Fri.

6- sp/vocab.test Fri. ; study notes; do p. 261, 1-20

5th grade-grammar p. 83; sp words written 2x each; sp/vocab test tomorrow


7Jan. 28

8- finish unit 12 of vocab.; test Fri.

7- finish U12 of vocab.; test Fri. Finish lit ques. 1-4 on p. 295

6-finish U12 of vocab.,test Fri.

5- spelling test THURSDAY!!!

Jan. 27

8th- read "Charles"; complete 4 worksheets;test Thurs.; Choosing the Right Word in vocab,; test Fri.; test on prepositions tomorrow

7th- read "Seventh Grade"; find 2 examples of idioms in the story; complete chart on 288 for this story only (2 examples); Choosing the Right Word in vocab.; test Fri.; test on prepositions tomorrow

6th-choosing the Right Word in vocab.; test Fri. ; test on prepositions tomorrow

5th- sp pages 1-4-05;test Friday; test on prepositions tomorrow


Jan. 24

8th grade- synonyms and antonyms; grammar p. 359, 1-20; test Tuesday on prepositional phrases

7th grade- synonyms and antonyms; test Tuesday on prepositions; paragraph entitled School Choice Matters

6th grade- synonyms and antonyms; test Tuesday on prepositions

5th grade- write words in planner; do p. 109 of spelling; test Tuesday on prepositions; paragraph entitled What St. Jude School Means to Me


Jan. 22

8th grade-final drafts of 2 essays due tomorrow (Thurs.), vocab. Choosing the Right Word w/ p of s; test Fri.; grammar p. 403, 1-10, ID adv. prep. phrase and word it modifies

7th grade-Choosing the RIght Wor5th grade- sp pages 105-06; test tomd w/ Parts of Speech; retest on adjectives and adverbs

6th grade-Choosing the Right Word with Parts of Speech ; grammar p. 406, 1-20; write out paragraph on What a Catholic School (or St. Jude School) Means to Meorrow


Jan. 21

8th grade- 2 essays due Thurs.; synonyms and antonyms in vocab.; test Fri.; grammar p. 353, 11-20 and p. 401, 1-20; correct vocab. test

7th grade-correct vocab. test; note cards if under 87%; synonyms and antonyms; test Fri.; grammar p. 401, 11-20; retest on adjectives and adverbs Thurs.

6th grade- correct sp/vocab test; unit 8 synonyms and antonyms; test Fri.; grammar p. 405, 1-20; prewriting for What Catholic Schools Mean to Me

5th grade- write a context sentence for each of the first 10 spelling words in Unit 15; do sp. p. 103 and grammar p. 81



an. 14

8th grade-posters and reports ready for oral presentation tomorrow; vocab., Choosing the Right Word w/ p of s; 341, 1-20; 337, 11-20

7th grade-read "Tales from Rifka,: pp 250-56; vocab., Choosing the Right Word w/ p of s; grmr p. 401, 1-10; 353, 11-20

6th grade- Choosing the Right Word w/ p of s;finish correcting grammar test and get it signed

5th grade- grammar p. 79; sp p. 99


Jan. 8


5th grade- test on regular and irregular verbs

6th grade- pages 25 and 26 and 27

7th grade- test on adjectives and adverbs

8th grade- worksheet pages; test Fri. on verbs

January 6, 2020


5th-p. 26 on linking verbs, pn, pp, and pa; study charts in yellow book; test Thurs. on present participle, past, and past participle of regular and irregular verbs

6th- finished work in class and turned in; test Friday on adjectives and adverbs; STUDY

7th- finish reading "Rikki-tikki-tavi" in literature (Concentrate on predictions.); do pages 51 and 53 on adjectives and adverbs; test Thurs.

8th- answer marginal questions and #3 ib p. 273 for "Tears of Autumn"-concentration is them and setting





Dec. 16

5th grade-sp p. 91; test Thurs.; grammar p. 43, irregular verbs

6th grade- crossword puzzle assigned to you and partner; sp/vocab review test Fri.; grmr, label all parts of sentence with adverbs

7th grade- illustrate figurative and literal meaning of idiom/phrase; review test Fri.; grnr,label all parts of a sent.,

8th grade- p. 619, section 7; vocab., literal and figurative meaning of idiom; review test Fri.; read "Who Can Replace a Man"; think of setting in story and today's setting


5th grade-nothing

6th grade- red book, p. 136, 1-10

7th grade- correct verb test; vocab. test 9 tomorrow; grmr 337, evens

8th grade- pp. 238-29 marginal questions with partner (gave 45 min. in class to complete)

Dec. 11-

5th grade- sp/ pp/ 88-89; review test tomorrow; regular verbs, p. 41

6th grade- p. 87 in vocab.; test moved to next Fri.; study notes on adverbs; read pp. 330-340 in text; do 341, 1-10

7th grade- Completing the Sent. w/ p of s; Words in Context; test Fri.; grmr p 337, evens, answers only; study notes; read over pp. 330-40; do 341, odds, answers only

8th grade- Completing the Sent. w/ p of s, Words in Context; test Fri.; grmr, grn bk, p. 617, 1-10 (Principal Parts of Verbs)

SRC UPDATE for 7 and 8: Due dates are January 9 and February 26.

Dec. 10

5th grade- sp. pp. 86-87; Regular Verbs, p. 40

6th grade- Pronouns as Adjectives, p. 338, 1-20, odds; vocab. pp. 85-86; review test (units 4-6) NEXT Fri.

7th grade- grmr. pp. 336-37, odds, Pronouns as Adj.; Choosing the Right Word w/ p of s; test Fri.

8th grade-Choosing the Right Word w/ p of s; green book, p. 99 - lv w/ PA or PN

Dec. 9

5th grade- sp/vocab pp. 84-85

6th grade- idioms, p. 84 ( meaning only) w/ poster fiving literal and figurative meaning of individually assigned idiom

7th grade-note cards; synonyms and antonyms; read pp. 200-05 and expect a quiz

8th grade- vocab. synonyms and antonyms; grmr. in grn bk- verb phrases; complements (IO and DO); p. 94, 1-10 w/ labels; p. 97. 1-10 w/ labels

Dec. 6

5th grade- p. 542, 1-10 on irregular verbs (almost all finished in class); sp/vocab test on Monday; next week a review test on units 7-12

6th grade- pp 80-83 in vocabulary; review test in sp/vocab (units 4-6) coming up next Fri.

7th grade- unit 9 next week in vocab.; review test coming up the following week; continue work with partner on lit.

8th grade- narrative due Mon., corrected unit 8 test due, note cards for some; be sure to finish lit. vocab.; read "Travels with Charley"


Dec. 4

5th grade- pp. 80-81 in sp/vocab; test next Monday (27 words)

6th grade- finish vocab. unit; test Fri.; some did not brings in ads

7th grade- verb test tomorrow; finish vocab. unit; test Fri.; begin news report on one of two stories (see p. 127); due Fri.

8th grade- finish vocab.; test Fri.; begin personal narrative as per p. 127 in lit.(due Fri.)


Dec. 3

5th grade- not in class today

6th grade- bring in 2 adds; do Choosing the Right Word w/ p of s; test Fri.

7th grade-complete verb review packet; test Thursday; Choosing the Right Word w/ p of s; test Fri. ; author's purpose; theme; p. 127, Writing exercise due Fri.

8th grade- Choosing the Right Word w/ p of s; test Fri.;


Dec. 2

5th grade- chart all 30 spelling words (2 columns- 1 e dropped before suffix; 2 e not dropped before suffix); p. 79 of vocab.; test next Monday; all words in planner; GAVE 14 MINUTES IN CLASS

6th grade- note cards for vocab. plus synonyms and antonyms; test Fri.

7th grade- correct tests; note cards plus synonyms and antonyms; test Fri.

8th grade- correct tests; note cards plus synonyms and antonyms; test Fri.





Nov. 11

5th grade- sp/vocab pages 67-68 (not the letter to the editor); sp. test Thurs.: grammar p. 30 (subject + action verb + direct object;  S+AV+DO)

6th grade- page 90 of small book; write out sentences and label S+AV +DO  or  S+AV+IO+DO

7th grade- study linking verbs; expect a quiz; small red book,p. 62, 1-20, answers only; p. 64, 1-20, answers only

8th grade- vocab, pp. 80-83 and 85-86; test over units 1-6 Thursday; grammar pp 309-11, odds, answers only; benchmark lit. test this week



Nov. 5

5th grade- quarter page on acronyms, p.  underlining simple subject one and simple predicate twice, double-sided sp sheet (GAVE 16 MIN)

6th grade- study vocabulary for 15-20 minutes or go on for 20 minutes; do 2-10 on page 546 of the small text  and diagram 2-10 as shown with #1 (GAVE 30 MIN)

7th grade-grmr- 11-10. odds on 296-97; 299, odds  ; vocab. test Friday (20+ min)

8th grade-vocab, choosing the right word w/ p of s; grammar-299, all (25+ min.)

Oct. 31

Happy Halloween!

Oct. 29

8th grade- workbook pp 187-88; GAVE 32 min.

7th grade-odds, or as marked, workbook pages 178-79; 181-82; 184-85; and 187-88 ; GAVE 35 min.

6th grade- had grammar test; studied Unit 4 vocab words with each other; GAVE 17 min.

5th grade- grammar p. 24; GAVE 11 min.

Oct. 28

8th grade-review packet 1 for capitalization; read "The Tell-tale Heart" beginning on 294; GAVE 2 CLASS PERIODS; Confirmation tonight

7th grade-p. 628, odds (answers only); GIVEN 6 MINUTES; capitalization test Friday, period 7

6th grade- p. 326, 11-20; + 10 sentences using the following words in a sentences as a linking verb and in another sentence usung the word as an action verb; test tomorrow on being/linking verbs, action verbs, helping verbs, and main verbs; GAVE 32 MINUTES IN CLASS

5th grade- pages 15 and 16,plural and singular nouns, nouns, proper and common nouns; GAVE 22 MINUTES

Oct. 23

8th grade- grammar, in class, pp. 624 and 626, 1-20, evens on both pages, answers only (60+ minutes for the 6 students present)


Oct. 22

8th grade-p. 622, 1-10, odds (10 one-word answers) GIVEN 20+ minutes

7th grade-p. 626, 1-20, evens (answers only) GIVEN 27 minutes for 10 answers

6th grade- p. 323. 1-4 (4 one letter answers); p. 326, 1-10 (10 single abbreviation answers) GAVE 10 minutes

5th grade- pages 16 and 17; GIVEN 21 minutes


Oct. 21

8th grade-grammar p. 618, odds (25 min.); test tomorrow on "Cub Pilot on the Mississippi"

7th grade- Define the literary words from the board; lit. test tomorrow on "The Luckiest Time of All"; do 1-20 on page 624 of grammar (60 minutes total for both)

6th grade-Write original context sentence for the first five words of unit 4;grammar 322, 11-20 (25 minutes)

5th grade- grammar worksheet pages 14-15

Oct. 18

8th grade- SRC; no vocabulary next week; given 55 minutes to read today and take SRC tests

7th grade- SRC; no vocabulary next week

6th grade- study vocabulary; antonyms; p. 321, 11-20 (write out sentences); 322, 1-10, answers only; test corrected and signed; GAVE CLASS 27 minutes to work

5th grade- definitions of 9 social study words; correct sp/vocab test 7 and get it signed;  CLASS GIVEN 45 MINUTEST of class time to complete

Oct. 17

8th grade- nothing; shadowing at Marian High School

7th grade- finish vocabulary workbook;  sp/vocab test tomorrow; literature sheet on hyperboles and possessive nouns- gave 38 minutes to work on homework

6th grade- synonyms;1-10 in grammar (p. 321), write verb down and ID- gave 16 min. in class for HW

5th grade- test today; no homework

Oct, 16

8th grade- correct any missing tests and get them signed

7th grade- write a hyperbole for literature (2 sentences in length); finish U 6 of vocabulary; correct tests and get them signed

6th grade- note cards for U4

5th grade- write spelling words 2x each; do editing page; finish p. 56; study word meanings from 55-56 for test GAVE 13 Min for HW in class

Oct. 14

8th grade- complete the vocabulary page and the predictions page in literature and read "Cub Pilot on the Mississippi"; spelling and vocabulary test tomorrow

7th grade- reread "The Luckiest Time of All," examining the use of dialect; correct punctuation tests and get signed by Wednesday; grammar p. 620. evens

6th grade- correct test and get signed

5th grade- study words for Thursday spelling test; do the worksheet on punctuating parts of a letter and the other side on correcting fragments by adding a subject or a predicate; correct test and get signed; GAVE 16 min. for HW in class


Oct. 9

8th grade- Do not forget to turn in your descriptive paragraph before you leave on retreat. Choosing the Right Word w/ parts of speech is due on Monday.

7th grade- test on "An American Childhood"; Choosing the Right Word w/ parts of speech

6th grade- vocab. pp. 12, 13, and 44; study for review test on Friday

5th grade- study spelling and vocabulary words for a review test tomorrow

Oct. 8

8th grade- descriptive paragraphs due this Thursday morning at 8:00 A.M ; finish the grammar packet; punctuation test tomorrow; have choosing the Right Word with parts of speech done by Monday

7th grade- finish the grammar packet; punctuation test tomorrow; p. 75 on first and third-person narratives, test on "An American Childhood Thursday"; sp/vocabulary test Friday

6th grade- finish the pronoun packet; test on pronouns tomorrow; review sp/vocab. quiz Fri.

5th grade-test on complete and simple subjects and complete and simple predicates; vocab. p 47 with challenge; alphabetical listing of boxes 4 and 5; students had 11-20 minutes of time in class to work on assignments; a handful of students took 30 minutes to write down the simple subject and simple verb of 9 sentences and did not get to seat work; review sp/vocab test Thurs. on underlined words

Oct. 7

8th grade- sp/vocab test early next week; grammar packet on punctuation; punctuation test Wed.

7th grade- note cards,synonyms and antonyms due Tuesday (had an extra class period today); grammar packet on punctuation, evens only; punctuation test Wed.; sp/vocab test Fri.

6th grade- grammar packet on pronouns, evens only; study rules for test Wednesday; review sp/ vocab quiz Fri.

5th grade-  write the words from the unit 1 block in alphabetical order; write the words from the unit 2 block in alphabetical order; write the words from the unit 3 block in alphabetical order (had 12 minutes class time to start; study definitions

Oct. 4

8th grade- note cards, synonyms and antonyms for Unit 5, test on Monday, Oct. 14; whole chapter punctuation test next Wednesday, Oct. 9

7th grade-no homework due Monday; will have punctuation test next week

6th grade- no homework due Monday; test on pronouns next week;still need to take u3 spelling test Monday; quiz on vocab units 1-3 next week

5th grade- test on complete and simple subjects a nd complete and simple predicates next Wed.; finish sp/vocab review packet at complete definitions HAD 35 MINUTES IN CLASS TO WORK TODAY

Oct. 3

8th grade-spelling and vocabulary test on unit 4; radio play over "A Retrieved Reformation"

7th grade- Read "An American Childhood" and answer questions 1 to 3 on p. 59

6th grade- sp/vocabulary test 3; test on pronouns next Wed.

5th grade- no homework; had a test today

Oct. 2

8th grade- Completing the Sentence with parts of speech and words in context; sp/vocab test Fri./ finish the radio broadcast test on "A Retrieved Reformation" tomorrow

7th grade- Completing the Sentence with parts of Speech; highlight context clues for first 10; Words in Context; sp/vocab test Fri.; grammar p. 602, paragraph

6th grade-  do Completing the Sentence with parts of speech; highlight context clues in first 10 sentences; sp/vocab test on Fri.

5th grade- complete subject and complete predicate t chart for 5 sentences in small, yellow book; test on homophones- the first 24 words; be able to use all 28 words in context

Oct. 1

8th grade- Choosing the Right Word w/ parts of speech; test Friday; work on a new ending for "A Retrieved Reformation"; work on a radio broadcast of Jimmy Valentine freeing Agatha from the vault

7th grade- Choosing the Right Word w/ parts of speech; highlight context clues for 1-10; test Friday; grammar, p. 602, 1-10 (write out); liter pp. 31 and 35- working w/ context clues (highlight them)

6th grade- Choosing the Right Word w/ parts of speech; highlight context clues in 1-10; write words in correct syllable breaks with accent marks; sp/vocab test Fri.

5th grade- sp test on first 24 words Thurs.; study meanings of all 20 homophones for test Thurs.; do sp pp. 45-46

Sept. 30

8th grade- Synonyms and antonyms in vocab. + words in correctly spelled syllables, if you did not do it Fri.; pp. 596-98 in grammar, 1-5; 11-15 and 1-5; 11-15, answers only; lit. p. 50- 1c and all of 2

7th grade- SRC due Oct. 3; vocabulary-words broken down into correctly spelled syllables; synonyms and antonyms; sp/vocab test Friday

6th grade- synonyms and antonyms in vocab.; sp/vocab. test Fri.; grammar p. 313- 1-10, odds; 11-20, all

5th grade- sp. pages 43-44 (all); test Thursday; STUDY DEFINITIONS FOR THE TEST

Sept. 26

8th grade- SRC due Oct. 3

7th grade- p. 598, 1-10 (turning an object of a preposition into a possessive noun); 2-paragraph essay on Jean Fritz's thoughts and feelings about America while still in China (paragraph 1) and after arriving in America (paragraph 2); prewriting in t-chart form

6th grade-grmr, p. 311, 1-9, odds, in sentence form; 312, odds, 1-9, answers only, and 11-19, in sentence form

5th grade-worksheet (both sides) on complete and simple subjects and complete and simple predicates; unit 5 spelling homework is not due until Monday (given today since students at Swamp Stomp tomorrow)

Sept. 25-

8th grade- p. 79 in lit., write a business letter that relates to "Gentleman of Rio en Medio"; (see R27 for business letter form); grmr, p. 592, odds; SRC due Oct. 3; lit. test tomorrow

7th grade-lit. test Fri.; SRC due Oct. 3; grmr p. 595, all; write a paragraph with a topic sentence, 4-5 supporting details, and a concluding sentence

6th grade- study u3 spelling and vocabulary

5th grade- write a paragraph with a topic sentence, at least 3 supporting details, and a conclusion

Sept. 24-

8th grade-lit. p. 78, A. (phrases only) and B. (complete sentences); lit. test Thurs. on "Gentleman of Rio en Medio"; SRC due Oct. 3; grmr p. 589

7th grade- test Fri. on "MK"; SRC due Oct. 3; grm- combine pairs of sentences to form compound or complex styles; write conclusion; put together whole paragraph with topic sentence, supporting details or facts and examples, and a concluding sentence;  p. 591

6th grade- study note cards for u3 or work on for 20 minutes; make test corrections; get signed

5th grade- grmr p. 9. sp. p.41; correct tests and get signed

Sept. 23

8th grade- read pp. 55-62 in lit.; answer all questions on pp. 62-63 in question-answer format; grmr. combine simple sentences copied into compound or complex sentences, write out in paragraph form, adding a concluding sent.; write your own original paragraph

7th grade- finish writing 19 original sentences, following examples in charts on pp. 586-87; must give clue with title (ie. I sang the song "Morning Has Broken."

6th grade- nothing

5th grade- nothing

September 19

8th grade-grammar p. 586, all, answers only; finish DOL for the week; correct literature test and get it signed; no vocab. next week; SRC due Oct. 3

7th grade- correct tests and quizzes and get them signed; use question-answer format to answer questions on page finish answering ques. 1-4 on p. 44 of page 588, all, in grammar; finish DOL for the week; no vocabulary next week; SRC due Oct. 3

6th grade- note cards for U3 spelling and vocabulary; finish DOL for the week

5th grade- look up words given to you today and write out the definitions; finish DOL for the week

Sept. 18

8th grade- finish vocab. review unit 1 (except for looking up meanings of idioms); review test 1 tomorrow; grmr. p. 583, column

7th grade-finish last page of vocab review unit (not idioms), vocabulary review test 1 tomorrow (units 1-3); p. 585, column 1 paragraph in grmr; finish reading 2 1/2 pages of "MK" in literature

6th grade- vocabulary test 2 tomorrow; p. 311, 1-10 (demonstrative pronouns and the words they describe)

5th grade- spelling and vocabulary test tomorrow; study word meanings found on your spelling worksheets.

Sept. 16

8th grade-grmr 574, 1-4; 578, odds; vocab. to 43-44;vocab. review test Thurs.;  lit. p. 52; reread "Raymond's Run" for a test Tues.

7th grade-pp. 43-44 in vocab. ; review test Thurs.; grmr. p. 580, odds

6th grade- vocab. 9-25 in Completing the Sent. with parts of speech; test Thurs. grmr. 11-20 on p.307

5th grade- sp p. 37, all; p. 38, 1-8; ; test Thurs.; p. 7, Compound Predicates

Sept. 13

8th grade- correct tests and get signed; grmr 573, odds

7th grade- correct test and get signed

6th grade- do Choosing the Right Word, 1-8 with parts of speech; correct test; get signed; grmr. 1-10 on p. 307

5th grade- spelling chart for U4; write words in planner; do p. 35, vocab. lesson

Sept. 12

8th grade- sp/vocab. test U3; grmr. p. 572, 1-20, odds; read "Raymond's Run" in literature

7th grade- sp/vocab. test U3; grmr. 575, odds; read "The Fall of the Hindenburg" on page 20 and answer the six questions in the margin, using complete sentences and nouns before pronouns (restatement answers)

6th grade-do synonyms and antonyms in U2 Vocab. ; do grmr p. 304, 11-20

5th grade- do the worksheet on complete predicates

Sept. 11

8th grade- finish U3 vocab., use; test Fri.

7th grade- finish U3 vocab.; use vocabulary; test Fri.;grmr p. 574, 1-20. odds

6th grade- break words 11-20 into syllables in vocab.; use; grmr p. 304, 1-10

5th grade-finish predicate sheet, p. 5; write 20 basic spelling words 2X each; test tomorrow

Sept. 10

8th grade-choosing the Right Word w/ parts of speech;; sp/vocab test Fri.; grammar test moved to Wed. b/c of computer crash

7th grade- Choosing the Right Word w/parts of speech

6th grade-test on nouns tomorrow (pp. 294-301) in textbook; look up first 10 vocab. words and write in text in syllables, correctly spelled with the accent mark

5th grade-spelling pp. 33-34 (no review; yes more practice on 34); test Thursday

Sept. 9

8th grade- vocab. syn. and ant.,test Fri.; test on commas, end marks, periods for abbreviations tomorrow

7th grade- Vocab. syn. and ant.;test Fri.; test on commas, end marks, and periods for abbreviations; critically read "The Three Century Woman," pp. 11-17 in lit.; apply strategies modeled and discussed in class

6th grade- study U2 on; complete pp. 48-49 in small yellow book; test Wednesday on nouns

5th grade- complete pp. 31-32 of spelling; test Thurs.

Sept. 6

8th grade-U3 vocab. note cards for all; test on U3 Fri; the next Fri. is a review test over 1,2,and 3; test on commas, end marks, and abbreviation marks on Tues.

7th grade- U3 note cars due Mon. test on U3 Fri.; following Fri, test on units 1,2, and 3; test on commas, end marks, and abbreviations Tues.

6th grade- note cards for U2 vocab.

5th grade- chart new spelling words; test Thurs.; correct spelling test and get signed

Sept. 5

8th grade- lit. notes on fiction and nonfiction (handout) due tomorrow; get the definitions from your textbook; vocabulary sp/vocab test on U2; review of commas on p. 257 of green books + 2 sentences of dialogue; SRC

7th grade- 15 definitions from p. 3 of lit. book; may use a dictionary for the bottom 7 words; in grmr correctly rewrite the letter on p. 257 of the red book + 3 sentences of dialogue- 1w/ explanatory at the beginning, 1 w/ it at the end, and 1 w/ it in the middle; sp/vocab U2 test tomorrow; SRC

6th grade- sp/vocab U1 test tomorrow; grammar p. 301, 1-20, answers only

5th grade- study notes; do Thurs. DOL

Sept. 4

8th grade-lit..: take notes from pages 4-7 (due Fri.), grmr. p. 568, all; vocab., finish U2, test Fri.

7th grade-finish vocab. U2, test Fri.; grmr. p. 570 (all)

6th grade-finish vocab. U1, test Fri.; grmr. write sentences foe noncount nouns in 11-20 on p. 298, do 1-4 on p. 299

5th grade- sp. pp. 27-28 (all; including writing definitions of poetry words), sp test Thurs.

Sept. 3

8th grade- lit. p. 3, define 15 terms in literature section of notebook; SRC; vocab., complete Choosing the Right Word,test on U2 Friday, make test corrections and have test signed by parent; grmr,.p. 566, 1-20, test Monday on commas, so study all rules in text

7th grade- Choosing the Right Word with parts of speech, test Fri.; grammar 568, 1-20; make test corrections and get test signed

6th grade- vocab, Choosing the Right Word, 16-20 with part of speech, and 1-10 of Completing the Sentence with part of speech; test this Friday;grammar p, 298, 1-10, answer only, and 11-20 noncount noun only

5th grade- Monday's DOL; pp. 25-26 in spelling, test Thursday

Aug.  30

8th grade- Unit 2 vocab. note cards, synonyms and antonyms, go on for 30 minutes; lit., lxvii, Independent Practice; SRC

7th grade-Unit 2 vocab. note cards, synonyms and antonyms, go on vocabulary workshop,com for 30 minutes; SRC

6th grade-study vocabulary note cards for U1; go on for 30 minutes; complete 6-15 of Choosing the Right Word on p. 17 of vocabulary

5th grade- Unit 2 spelling chart, copy 20 Basic Words into your planner; p. 4 complete subject

Aug. 29

8th grade- vocab.test tomorrow; 3-paragraph essay for vocab,; grammar  pp, 562 and 563, 11-15; literature summary questions in packet

7th grade-vocab. test tomorrow, grammar, paragraph on 564; literature packet on Close Reading

6th grade- antonyms in  vocabulary; grammar, 297,evens

5th grade- study notes

Aug. 28

8th grade- vocab.: Words in Context; Completing the Sentence + Parts of Speech; test Friday;562-63, 1-10; SRC

7th grade-finish U1 in sp/vocab. w/ parts of speech for Completing the Sentence; test Friday; grammar, 11-20 on p. 565; SRC

6th grade-synonyms only in the vocab. book;grammar, 1-20 on 296, answers only

5th grade-spelling pages 22-23; spelling test tomorrow; noun subjects, p. 3

Aug. 27

5th grade- pages 20 and 21 in spelling; study notes

6th grade- vocabulary note cards (20)

7th grade- literature- Close Read Strategy 1 (chart responses on p. lxiii); grmr. 564, 1-10, evens; 565, 1-10, evens; study definitions; vocab. Choosing the Right Word with parts of speech AND highlight context clues in 1-10

8th grade- Choosing the Right Word in Vocab. (with parts of speech); study notes; Close Reading Strategy worksheets.

Aug. 26

5th Grade- sp. p. 19; sp. test Thurs.; fragment or sent.? p. 1; study notes

6th grade- Go to and work on lesson 1 for 30 minutes

7th grade-vocab. syn. and ant.; work on for 20 min.; grammar p. 559, 1-5; 11-15; p. 560, 1-9, 11-15; grammar definitions

8th grade- lit. p. lxiii- Strategy 1 for reading (response); synonyms and antonyms in vocab.; test 1 Fri., commas, 1-5, 11-15 on p. 557 and 1-5, 11-15 on p. 558; grammar definitions


Aug. 23

5th Grade- sp chart; study notes

7, 8 note cards Aug. 20

6-8th Grades- cover text books by this Friday

5-8th Grades- get a good night's sleep; eat a good breakfast

Aug. 21

5th Grade-study notes

8th Grade- complete resource sheet

7th Grade- complete resource sheet

Aug. 22

5th Grade- study notes

6th Grade- study notes

6-8th Grades- books covered by tomorrow