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Dear member of the St. Jude Parish and Catholic School community:

The Diocese of Ft. Wayne-South Bend, by directive from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ 2003 Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People, requires us to implement an application and screening (background check) process for all employees and volunteers, particularly those whose duties regularly bring them into contact with minors.  Please review the general guidelines and forms that volunteers and employees must submit:

Volunteers—people who serve in the following capacities:
• religious education teachers, youth group leaders, youth ministry trainers
• room parents, tutors, classroom or school volunteers
• field trip chaperones or drivers
• athletic coaches, extracurricular club leaders, choir/music directors
• scout/organizational leaders (for events hosted on St. Jude property)
• any person who maintains a position of regular interaction with our children
* persons under age 18 (complete the Code of Conduct for Youth Working With Younger Children)

Employees—people who serve in the following capacities:
• parish employees
• teachers/faculty members
• substitute teachers, specialty subject teachers, aides, resource, librarians
• secretaries, maintenance, cleaning, and other support staff
• recess supervisors and lunch servers/coordinators
• any position for which you receive compensation from St. Jude School, St. Jude Parish, or the Diocese of Ft. Wayne-South Bend

***To complete the process, please follow ALL of the steps listed below, according to your position. All paperwork must be turned in, signed, and complete prior to the beginning of your service or ministry.

Required item
Links to resources or forms




Available from the Diocesan Youth Protection website

(note there is a different form for youth under 18 years old)

Background Check (including reexamination every 4 years)

Required for volunteers and employees age 18 or older


Must request an email from the Safe Environment Coordinator which contains a link to the background check application page


Safe Environment Training

Required every 2 years for volunteers and employees age 18 or older