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Watch here for a list of upcoming St. Jude School athletics games.



Coaching Application (required for head coach once per year)

Request background check/safe environment training (required for ALL coaches every 5 years)

Concussion training program (required for ALL coaches every 2 years)

Concussion laws, info, documentation (Dept. of Ed)

Concussion quick reference form

Cardiac Arrest quick reference form

Play Like a Champion Agreement (required one time for ALL coaches)

Coaches' Ethics Form (required from head coach once per season)

Equipment Request Form

Player Roster

ICCL Roster (required from head coach once per season)

Housekeeping Rules (pending update)

Player Award Nominations



ICCL Athletic Contract (required for all students/parents once per season)

Emergency Medical Authorization (required for all parents once per season)

Concussion/Cardiac acknowledgment form (required for all parents once per year)

Concussion facts (athletes)

Concussion facts (parents)

Concussion release to play (doctor) (required following concussion prior to return to play)

Cardiac facts (athletes)

Cardiac facts (parents)

Cardiac release to play (parents) (required following report of symptoms within 24 hours of return to play)


Sport Season Grades* Gender
Basketball Winter 5-8 Boys and Girls
Baseball Spring 5-8 Boys
Cheerleading Spring 5-8 Girls
Football Fall 5-8 Boys
Soccer Fall 5-8 Boys and Girls
Softball Fall 5-8 Girls
Tennis & Lacrosse* Spring 3-8 Boys and Girls
Track Spring 5-8 Girls
Wrestling* Winter 4-8 Boys
Volleyball Fall & Winter 5-8 Girls

*Not organized as team sports - these sports provide practice, participation, and some competition

Sign-up for all sports occurs throughout the year about a month prior to the start each season.

2019-20 Athletic Association Board (Membership for 2019-20 still under consideration. Contact the principal if interested.)

Office / Committee Chair
Vice President  
Fund Raising Chair  
Gym Scheduler  


Email the Athletics Association at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Monthly meetings are held on the 1st Wednesday of each month regularly at 7:00 pm in the Community Room.


Membership is open to all parents or guardians of participating student athletes. A family fee of $100.00 covers the expense of participating in as many sports the family chooses.


Coaching opportunities are available. Applications for head coach positions are solicited in the Spring for the next school year. Contact the Athletic Director for more information.