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St. Jude invites our families, parishioners, and supporters to come out this weekend and cheer on our soccer teams. For the first time ever we have three teams involved in a soccer championship game!

Girls JV plays at 1:00, Girls varsity at 5:00, and Boys varsity at 7:00 this Sunday, October 20 at the Marian Athletic Complex (off of Logan Street). All three teams are playing under the partnership and colors of Mishawaka Catholic. Win or lose, we are proud of our student athletes and the time, discipline, and commitment that goes into being a student athlete in any sport. We are even more proud that the athletes on these teams have earned and retained their eligibility throughout the soccer season!

St. Jude students depicted in the photo, Varsity girls, left to right, back to front: Elizabeth, Madelyn, Valerie, Anna, Grace.