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St. Jude Students have had a number of accomplishments to celebrate in recent weeks:

The Falcons Speech (Forensics) Team held their last match of the year in Fishers, IN last weekend. This time students competed in multiple categories. Arielle Trevino (8th) placed 2nd in Dramatic Interpretation; Arielle and Brenden Foley (7th) placed 5th in Duo; Erin Caldwell (5th) earned 5th in Original Oratory and Declamation; Grace Henry (6th) won 7th in Poetry Interpretation. Grace and Elizabeth Daniels (6th) won 2nd place in Duo; Elizabeth earned 2nd in Prose Interpretation; and Anna Desmarais (6th) won 4th place in Dramatic Interpretation and 1st place in Humorous Interpretation. Special thanks to our coach Christine Schrader for the many hours of time and rehearsal she put into this effort this year and many hours on the road traveling to their events and also for the parents who assisted in driving as well.

At the Indiana State Scholastic Music Association competition, the trio of Madelyn Samuels (7th), Maggie Couture (7th) and Olivia Couture (5th) received a gold medal on their Group IV woodwind trio; Valerie Donndelinger (6th) earned gold for her Group III clarinet solo; and Jenessa Piech (5th) received gold for her Group V Alto saxophone solo.

Cash Carruthers (8th) and Bryanna Ellis (8th) earned Honorable Mention in the Scholastic Art Competition at the South Bend Museum of Art. In addition to their achievements, several St. Jude alumni earned high school level honors: Elizabeth Moryl ('16) earned a two Gold Keys in Drawing and Illustration and Honorable Mention in Photography. Narusawat Desmarais ('15) earned a Silver Key in Drawing and Illustration and Honorable Mention in Photography; Genevieve South ('17) earned a Silver Key in Drawing and Illustration. Molly Burnham ('17) won a Gold Key in Ceramics and Glass. Cassie Mooney ('16) won a Silver Key in Photography.

Legislative Alert - We have an issue that may significantly impact participation in the School Choice Scholarship program. Please help! (This information is provided from the Indiana Non-Public Education Association, of which St. Jude is a member school.)

One Democratic legislator from Indianapolis, Rep. Dan Forestal, is attempting to derail the Choice program by challenging religious-based schools' rights to operate out of their faith beliefs and values. He is reacting to a contract situation at one of our schools in which he is personally involved, calling the school's values-based practices discriminatory. He has been trying to amend a large number of education bills in ways that would infringe upon a choice school's religious liberty. If he is successful many faith-based schools would not be able to participate in Choice, robbing families of that opportunity.

Contact Rep. Forestal today and let him know that using his political position to infringe on the rights of religious schools to exercise their freedom of conscience is unacceptable. Tell him to stop using our children's choice to attend a non-public school as a political gambit. He can be reached by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at 317-232-9987.