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School News from the Principal
I would like to share some short thoughts with our parishioners and school families for Catholic Schools Week, mainly to offer my great appreciation for the support of prayers, time, talent, and treasure from so many of our parishioners over this last year and indeed for the years and decades that many of you have been supporting St. Jude. Each year that goes by I get to meet more and more members of our community who grew up in this parish, who once attended St. Jude, graduated from St. Jude, or sent their children to St. Jude. Each year we have more and more students who are now the 2nd generation of their family to attend. I am proud to have helped shepherd so many students through our school so that one day they can tell their own stories.

Meanwhile, the school has continued to make humble but significant strides in so many areas. In addition to our slow but steady investment in upgrading the physical facilities, especially in areas that have a direct impact on building safety and security, we have achieved eligibility for “On My Way PreK” status for our PreK program. We have seen increasingly popular and successful Robotics and Forensics teams. We fielded a championship soccer team and continue to win accolades in art competitions (including a student winner of the You Can Lend a Hand Poster design competition for the 2nd time in about 6 years). Our band program is growing in quality every year. More importantly, we have 200 students who show genuine enthusiasm for coming to school each and every day and up to 40 teachers and support staff who provide them with that experience of a loving Christian community.

In the weeks ahead, please continue to look for opportunities to remain involved with St. Jude. Come walk through our open house if you have not been in our building for awhile. Register a team for Trivia Night. Come see our Mary Poppins musical. Contribute to our SGO scholarship fund (and receive a State tax credit for doing so). The need for mentors for our students is always paramount. Help urge neighbors, co-workers, or members of your family with young children to give our school a look. Participate in our “give back” restaurant nights. Please celebrate and share this moment of pride along with us.

Mr. Stephen Donndelinger,Principal

Beginning this weekend and for the month of February, the school and its students are selling You Can Lend a Hand booklets for $3 each.