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Bellow you will find general information about the Prek program.


  • Students may arrive for before care between 7am-7:45am, this is held in the lunch room with all school students that arrive early.

  • Pre-K students arriving between 7:45-8:05am will meet in the Marian room for Minds in Motion (a gross motor course designed to help students focus their minds and bodies). You may drop your child off in car line at door 4 or park in the west parking lot and walk your child in door 4 and down the stair to the Marian room. You are welcome to stay for minds in motion for the first few days and assist your child in putting their things away in the pre-k room after.

  • At 8:05 the pre-k students will move to the pre-k classroom and the exterior door #5 will be opened for children arriving late. 

  • As children finish putting their things away we will gather together on the rug for stories and then begin our day.


    We are using the High-scope curriculum in pre-k so the schedule will stay consistent.

        Plan timeStudents meet with a teacher in a small group and discuss their plan for work time.

        Work time: Students freely use materials and toys throughout the classroom to play and create with friends with the guidance of teachers.

        Review time: Students again meet with a teacher and small group to discuss what they did during work time and how it fulfilled their plan for the day.

        Snack time (please pack a healthy snack daily)

       Small group Students meet in small groups for a focused lesson in math, language or science.


        Large group Calendar, letter of the week, and morning show and tell

        Morning dismissal and lunch 11:30am

    Student leaving at 11:30am will be dismissed from the back classroom door, please park in the west lot and walk to the door to greet your child.

         Rest time Each child will have a cot assigned to them for the school year and may bring a blanket and/or stuffed animal to rest with (we will send these items home weekly to be washed)

        Work time  As children wake from rest time they will be given a shortened work time

        Special class Library, computer, art, Spanish or PE (music class will be held once a week in the a.m)

        Religion, Science, or Math


         Dismissal 2:45-3pm Students will be released from the back door, please park in the west lot and walk to the door to greet your child.

         Students that remain after 3pm will be taken to the after care program held in the Marian room.

    Special class schedule

    Monday- Library

    Tuesday- Music and Spanish

    Wednesday- Art

    Thursday -PE (please bring gym shoes!)

    Friday- computers