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Everything you wanted to know about PreK, but didn’t think to ask!

OnMyWayPreKSt. Jude is now accepting On My Way PreK scholarships. Go to their website to apply.

Our PreK program is accredited by the AdvancED organization, which also oversees accreditation for our K-8 grades! St. Jude was found to have met 96% of the 378 quality standards (only 80% are required to meet accreditation). This is just another indicator that our PreK is one of the best quality programs for your child.

How old must my child be?
St. Jude PreK accepts students who are four years old by August 1. (This is meant to correspond with the legal age of 5-years-old by August 1 for Kindergarten admission). Enrollment for children turning 4 after August 1 of a given school year is limited by availability in the cohort.

Goals of the SJ PreK?
The goal of the SJ PreK is to prepare your child for their future years in the school setting socially, academically and spiritually.

Children work daily on learning to communicate their needs, feelings and wants to their peers and adults.
  • We work on teaching each child to take care of their needs independently.  It is our expectation that they come to the PreK with independent bathroom skills.
  • Skills such as taking turns, waiting for a turn and being a good friend are the stepping stones for a successful learner.
  • St. Jude uses the HighScope curriculum as well as daily activity with Minds in Motion to give our children a rich, developmental experience.
  • Our staff will continually expose your child to letters, letter sounds, numbers and counting in a play-based format surrounding a weekly theme.
  • Our goal is for students to be prepared for a more structured and faster-paced Kindergarten curriculum driven by more rigorous learning standards.
Each child is a gift from God.  We want to instill in each child how much they are loved by God and how they can spread that love.  They will participate in special masses and celebrations of church holidays.  It is not a requirement to be a member of the parish to enroll in any grades of the school.

What will my child’s schedule be?
Our program will work with your family to design the schedule that is optimal for your child’s and family’s needs.  Schedules include 5 full days per week, 3 full days per week, 5 half days per week, and 3 half days per week.

Our day starts at 8:00 am and concludes at 2:45 pm (11:30 am for half day).

St. Jude school offers both before care and after care options for those families that require those services.

Our program is staffed by one full time licensed teacher (Mary Johnson), one full time teacher’s assistant (Sarah Eck) and one part time licensed teacher (Carolyn Tellez). Our Principal, Specialty teachers, and other substitutes are also certified to work with our PreK students. We maintain a staffing ratio no less than 1:12 at all times.

St. Jude PreK program is now accredited by AdvancED. You may review the report from our fall 2017 visit here.

Children are also exposed to classes such as art, music, gym, computers, and library.  We take daily trips to the gross motor learning circuit through the Minds In Motion program.

We play outside twice a day where we work even more on gross motor skills and communication.  

Dress Code
PreK students do not wear the typical SJS school uniform.  We do ask that they wear comfortable play clothes and shoes (that can get dirty) that follow the out of uniform guidelines in the SJS handbook.

Each student is asked to bring a healthy snack each day.  Children may bring a water bottle to keep above their coat hook.  Full day students may bring a lunch or order hot lunch that is available to all SJS students.

PreK students will not need to purchase typical school supplies.  They will need a backpack and will be given a list of classroom supplies (tissues, wipes, antibacterial hand gel, etc.) in August.

How much does it cost?
St. Jude prices its PreK program very competitively with other preschool, daycare, and PreK options. Not only do we think our rates are as good as almost any other program, we believe that our quality is superior. All participants pay from the same tuition rate, rather than differentiate for Parishioner/non-Parishioner status. Our tuition is set with the goal of fulling funding the staffing and material needs of the program rather than making a profit.

Are PreK scholarships available?
See our announcement about On My Way PreK and CCDF funds at the top of this site!