The Enthronement of the Sacred
Heart of Jesus in the Home:
“I will bless the homes in which an image of
My Heart shall be exposed and honored.”
As you know, The Enthronement
Devotion is a long-standing tradition in
our Catholic Church which began as
long ago as the Middle Ages and
culminated in the revelations of Jesus
to St. Margaret Mary Alacoque.
The Enthronement of the Sacred
Heart of Jesus and the Consecration
to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in the
home is, St. Teresa of Calcutta said,
“the best way to bring Jesus back into
the family life.”
Thanksgiving and the Christmas
Holidays are quickly approaching.
There may be no greater gift – nor
better time, nor any more fruitful way
to express our devotion to our faith –
than to consecrate our families to the
love of the Most Sacred Heart of
Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of
Mary. To learn much more and to
download your free Enthronement
Package, visit
Trivia Night in support of our Home
and School Committee’s work for our
School: thanks to all who attended as
well as those who made it possible! It
was a great success; one of the best,
thanks to all of you! Very successful
as a fund-raiser even in these
economic times. Again, thanks to
those who made it so!
At St. Jude Parish: Children’s
Church, or Children’s Gospel: In the
past, and for many years, it was a
practice of the parish to offer at the
10 a.m. Mass, “Children’s Church” or
the Gospel and reflection for little
children, who have not yet made their
first Reconciliation and First
Communion. However, it took parent
volunteers, but they were always there
and several remained on long after
their own children had grown. It would
be great to have it again, but we need
your help! If several teams of two
were created, it would only ask your
leadership once a month or however
often, depending on the interest level
of parents or a parent, grandparent, or
even college students studying here in
town. Please pray about it! Let the
office know if you would be willing to
help coordinate this wonderful effort
for the little ones (so parents could
enjoy hearing the readings and the
homily each week without having to
manage the little children). It is not
however, baby-sitting for children too
small to follow along the children’s
level Gospel story and learning aides
provided (pictures to color or things of
that nature). There is an easy
program and materials for the use of
whomever is leading each week’s
gathering. They go out just before the
readings begin and return about time
for the Offertory. Those helping are
back in church for the full Eucharistic
Prayer and all that follows.
~ Fr. John