Blessing of Farms:  the blessing of farms is one of the many ways the Church can express her closeness with the rural community.    It is also a way in which Father can get a free meal at your house in the process! (LOL).

Sts. Isidore and Maria.  St. Isidore was born in 1070 near Madrid, Spain.  He was a day laborer who worked on the farm of John de Vergas at Torrelaguna. Isidore married a poor girl named Maria Torriba, and they had a son who died in infancy. The couple took a vow of continence to serve God.

Isidore prayed as he worked and was a model of simple Christian charity and faith. He shared his meals with the poor and was known to give them more than he had for himself.    He would attend morning Mass before going out into the field.  It is said that two angels appeared and joined Isidore in plowing the fields to help him catch up on his chores.

Maria always kept a pot of stew on the stove because her husband would bring home anyone hungry. One day, Isidore brought home a larger number of the hungry than usual, and Maria ran out of stew.  She told Isidore that the pot was empty. Isidore told her to look again and there was enough stew to feed them all.

Isidore died in 1130, and Maria then became a hermit.  She too was known for miracles and for bringing rain from heaven for an afflicted dry countryside. ~Fr. John