BLESSED THANKSGIVING:  We all have so much to be grateful for even in these difficult times for many.  We are still much better off than so many others around the world and every reason to be grateful for our blessings.  Funny that Thanksgiving is only a US celebration, but maybe an important reminder to us all as to why we should be so grateful to God for what is ours in life.  ‘Tis a good life, no matter what, at least I feel that way.
Blessings to you and your family this Thanksgiving.  You will be prayed for as a parish family at our Thanksgiving Day Mass (Vigil). 

We continue to learn of members of the parish, even though many are vaccinated, who are getting Covid.  It would seem that it is going to have its way of going around no matter what any of us may do to try to reduce the risk.  Much like the usual flu bug or bad seasonal colds.  Let’s just pray we all can get through it with no serious lasting effects and that natural immunity becomes more the norm. 
For the winter months, till we know more about how things are going, we will continue to take reasonable precautions for weekend Masses.  I’m told (at a recent priest’s meeting for our vicariate) that many parishes are not wearing masks (Ministers of Communion) and masks optional at Masses.  I would agree from all I read from reliable medical sources that a mask at Communion time worn by the minister does little to no good. One is not going to pass the virus in a 10 second exchange at that moment of giving the Host to another, but for the sake of those who think differently, we will continue to wear masks to distribute Communion into the winter months.  I am not certain at this writing but it would appear the school may continue to recommend masks or at least masks optional in the months ahead.  From almost all reports, children do not seem to get this virus with the serious effects that the more compromised older or unvaxed seem to be having. So much is guess-work on the part of those who call themselves our experts.  They change their minds from month to month too and don’t seem to agree with one another (Administration, CDC, etc.) and what one reads in trusted medical websites. Sadly, much of it too, continues to be a political football for some.

Let’s just pray for one another that when we get this flu of a new kind, that we can get through it and regain strength to continue on in good health. Very likely most all will get their turn at battling it for however long it stays with them.  What does seem clear is that it is time for many who had vaccinations early-on to get their booster.  The cases I’m hearing about are largely from people who were vaccinated but at the end of that time period where the booster is recommended.  And then there are the unvaxed who have their turns too, usually much sicker and with longer-lasting recovery.  We can forget herd immunity for a while, I’d bet. Just my own thoughts no one has to agree with. Pray for one another.

It is clearly time for people to return to Holy Mass and prayer, and stop using Covid as an excuse for not attending Mass.  Most all those doing so are going everywhere else. For all our good, be at Mass and pray for one another.  Set an example for your children by encouraging prayer and especially attending the church’s Perfect Prayer, given us by Jesus Himself. ~Fr. John