Editor’s note: There was a glitch in last week’s bulletin printing and the inside cover did not get printed. These “Notes” are from that page:

Funeral Dinners following the funerals of parish members: Shannon Daniels has coordinated funeral dinners for the past ten years and has prayerfully decided to retire from this ministry.  She has also been very involved in our school and will most likely now be involved at Marian since her two children will be there starting this year ahead.  We are so very grateful to Shannon for all she has done for the families following the funeral of their loved one.  It is truly an important ministry that I imagine is offered by most all parishes in the diocese.  I hope we can continue this ministry, but it will take someone to come forward to chair it.  Shannon will provide all the guidance needed to help someone step in.  It isn’t overwhelming, though there have been the odd times where there may be more than one funeral lunch within a week. There are always many good helpers who give their time when Shannon has called for kitchen staff and servers.  It just needs a good organizer.  Shannon said when she volunteered to be the chair, it was due to her praying about it and responding to what she felt she was being called to do for the parish. 

Fr. Greg was away for part of the July 4th weekend for a wedding.  It seems to be the summer for weddings, and I too will be away for two out-of-town weddings: August 7th and August 21st (Friday/Saturday).  I am also away for a funeral/memorial on July 30 for a longtime friend who died of Covid this past March.  I’m also away for a family event July 10. 

Retreat week was lost due to two funerals; my Aunt and Godmother which took me to Fort Wayne on Tuesday and Wednesday, and then returning to Fort Wayne on Friday for the funeral of a friend of over 41 years who died in her sleep at age 95. Since the Retreat goes from Monday evening to Friday noon, the only day I would have been able to be present would have been Thursday.  I’ll be looking at what other possibilities for what is to be an annual retreat.
Our Annual Calendar Planning for the year was on June 30th..  If you are a chair person for any parish or school organization and missed letting the office know of your events in this year ahead, it is necessary for you to call Carol to let her know of your date and space needed so that it can be put into the Parish Calendar.  Avoid a conflict for the date you may want for one of your events by getting the date/time in the Parish Calendar well ahead. Thanks much for your cooperation. ~Fr. John