St. Jude School has chosen to honor our 3rd Grade teacher Mrs. Jennifer Treber with this year’s Christ the Teacher Award. (In past years this recognition was know as the “Light of Learning” award). Here is an excerpt of the nomination that was sent on her behalf: “Jennifer Treber has taught 3rd Grade at St. Jude for the last 4 school years (since 2017) and in South Bend Catholic schools for the last 22 years. Her teaching style is energetic and engaging. She finds subtle but significant ways to acknowledge and affirm her students, celebrating and sharing details of their lives and personal interests. She is attentive to learners at all ranges of the spectrum and differentiates for their needs. Jennifer is also a valuable resource to her colleagues, both giving and receiving their moral support. For the last two years, she has served as an ex-officio representative of our faculty on the St. Jude School board, both sharing and taking feedback on strategic and curriculum initiatives that have improved our school. She is a consistent teacher of religion and a faith-filled witness for our students. St. Jude is proud to nominate Jennifer Treber as our 2020 Christ the Teacher recipient.” We also like to point out that St. Jude has many talented and inspiring teachers. All of them contribute something unique to our community. When we celebrate the accomplishments and recognition of one, we celebrate the achievements of all! Quality Dining (Burger King, Chili’s, and Papa Vino’s Restaurants) who sponsors this award, put together this video to honor the Christ the Teacher recipients:

Remember that there is no “You Can Lend a Hand” coupon book sale this year; however our Catholic schools will still benefit if you patronize one of those restaurants and purchase a $1 coupon for a free menu item. You may also contribute directly at