The next Blood Drive at St. Jude will take place Sunday, June 5
Thank you and St. Jude Parish for hosting a blood drive with the South Bend Medical Foundation.  You had a wonderful group of passionate blood donors.  By hosting this drive your efforts will help save the lives of our friends and neighbors in their time of need.  We are so grateful for our coordinators who take the time out of their busy schedule to provide the convenience of this service to the community and employees.  We call our donors heroes, but those who organize and recruit donors are heroes as well.

The following are the results of the blood drives:
Total Number of Successful Drive Units:  20
Total Number of Deferrals:  2
One unit of blood can save the lives of up to 3 people; a total of 60 people could potentially benefit from your drive.  What an amazing impact your drive will have on patients.  The blood collected will go to help recipients suffering from cancer, trauma, blood disorders, surgery, pregnancy complications, or several other medical emergencies. 

We look forward to working with you again.