High on our list of things to mention this week is the arrival of our seminarian Sam Anderson.(with us through July)
You will see him in person this weekend at all our Masses, including the one we have on YouTube [Incidentally, even with public Mass resuming, we will continue to have the weekly YouTube Mass 10 a.m. at least through the time of Bishop’s dispensation from Sunday obligation. That’s our intentions presently.]

For those who might either allow or desire to have Sam visit them, if homebound, he would be very pleased to do so, following all recommended guidelines, and bring Communion to you.  Since he’s living with me, I’ll be keeping a check on his temperature and good health, needless-to-say.  At my age, we are being told not to visit or be at hospitals or nursing homes for the time being.  Of course Sam would only come to the home of someone who themselves present no signs of virus/illness too.

Sam will also be involved in as many other aspects of our parish and school life as current conditions will allow.  Maybe one of the younger families will be planning a Saturday-morning bike ride and want to invite Sam to go along.  He may be game! You can reach him through the office or take a chance and drop by the house.

I think Sam’s decision at this point is to take his day off, following Sunday Masses through Monday, returning for Monday evening Mass (resuming at the 5:30 hour).  His home and family are in Fort Wayne, St. Vincent’s Parish.

Resumption of public-attended Sunday and weekday Masses:  we have all been less-than-patiently awaiting the time when we could return to Holy Mass (and I could look out and see all of you).  I am still praying that this abstinence from being able to attend Holy Mass, both weekly and daily, will give us all a much greater appreciation for the gift that the Mass and the reception of the Eucharist are for us as a Catholic people.  There is nothing more important in the life of a person of true Catholic faith than to be in the presence of Christ (the Real Presence) in the Eucharist made possible when gathered for the Mass. As the Church has always stated with great clarity, the Mass is the perfect prayer, for it is Christ Himself Who offers it for us in and through the ministry of the priest. [You may wish to read for yourself what is stated in the Catholic Catechism of the Church on this point, and as a parent, help your children to know and understand this truth of Faith.]

It will be great to have the daily Mass participants back again (for those comfortable in coming, and who are not themselves at too great of risk).  Sadly, no singing, and as with weekends, you will need to wear masks and follow distancing requirements until things change—please, God, before too long. 
- Fr. John