Dear Parishioners,Truly,  this  is  one  of  the  most disturbing  times  I  can ever  recall as  a  pastor,  to  not  be  able  to reach the faithful with Holy  Mass and  the  Body  and  Blood  of Christ.It is heart-breaking for all those who have such deep faith in the  Real  Presence  and  the importance of “the perfect prayer”, especially in a time of great need, crisis.The  very  time  prayer becomes so important!I know we can pray at home and watch  Mass  either  live-streamed from  the  parish  or  on  TV,  and  I pray   that   many   are   doing so.Remember too, that the first church was and still is “the family” and the family that prays together, stays together. That should be true too for a church family.Know that the parish is willing to do  whatever  we  can  to  help  you stay connected and have a place to turn in this time of trial.This is truly a Lent unlike any other that I know of, short of wartime—which many an official has termed these times.Maybe a war with the Evil One  who  seems  to  be  working overtime  to  thwart  prayer,  and community.At the same time, it never ceases to  amaze  how  community  can come together and really think ‘out of  the  box’,  as  they  say,  to  help one  another  during  this  time  of confinement  and  fear  for  many, especially the elderly.Much  good  information has  been on the news, though the news too can be somewhat depressing.Mix information  with  lots  of  time  for prayer,  spiritual  reading,  and Turning  to  God  for  direction  of heart.If one thing is true and troubling it is  those  who  are  politicizing  this world crisis and using it to try to defame one or another or bolster their  own  egos.  Shame  on  such behavior,  and  please  try  not  to participate in it.If  we  can  be  of  any  service  to people while undergoing this time of trial, please make contact with the  office.Personal  phone numbers for most of us are in the directory  or  the  website  if  you cannot find us in the office when you call.For personal emergencies, my cell phone  is:  260.760.2604,  but  only to  be  used  for  an  emergency need, please.Blessings and prayers for you all,
- Fr. John