St. Jude School is trying to get the word out that expanded scholarship opportunities are available to students for the 2021-22 school year. If you or a family that you know earns income within the limits given below, you may qualify for nearly $6300 per child within South Bend Community School Corporation boundaries. Families within Mishawaka or PHM districts may qualify for up to $6000 and $5400 respectively. If concerns about tuition has caused you hesitation about enrolling in our Catholic school in the past, please call us to find out what help may be available to your child and how to apply: 574-291-3820.

Household size – 2020 Federal Adjusted Gross Income (effective July 1)

2              <$96,681
3              <$121,878
4              <$147,075
5              <$172,272
6              <$197,469
7              <$222,666
8              <$247,863