OK, in order to get these notes in, in time, I had to be writing them from 80+ degrees in sunny Florida, but just shows that my heart is always with my parish back home. Ahem, ahem.LOL. And I’m so sorry to have missed the big snow storm! Do I have to go to Confession for that comment?Maybe.Lent is so close, around the corner, that I hope the offering that our Adult Faith Formation Committee has planned for you will be something more than the usual small number will take advantage of by attending.It is really a small commitment. We have some very prominent ND professors and one retired professor from Vanderbilt, who are doing the three presentations, three weeks in a row.Please, put the evenings on your calendars and make it one of those extras you do for your own spiritual good health for this year’s Lenten Season.Fr.
- Fr. John