I was at St. Jude this past weekend again, which means I missed the Mother’s Day Brunch at Sacred Heart as well as the opportunity to wish all our SH mothers a happy Mother’s Day.  Many more to you in the years ahead, in good health, surrounded by your beloved children (and grandchildren, and great-grandchildren)!

At the 10 a.m. Mass, I almost blew it completely by missing the Mother’s Day Blessing (done at the other two Masses) but was saved by a Hail Mary Pass or something like that just after the end of the closing song.  Sorry moms, it wasn’t as formal a blessing as at the other two Masses!

When you read this, our 8th grade will have already attended their 8th Grade Baccalaureate Mass, this past Monday, at St. Matt’s—with the classes from other local Catholic schools.  I’m told this will be the last time they do the all-school Baccalaureate Mass in that way.  By next year, we will have put our heads together as staff, maybe asking the input of the School Board or HASA, and our liturgy director, to have a special Mass for our graduating class here in the parish, maybe of an evening, when others can more easily attend.  We have a Monday evening Mass as it is, so maybe we can make the one closest to graduation exercises a Baccalaureate Mass, with special music, students participating, and anyone from our parish attending who may wish to celebrate (prayerfully) our graduates.  Your thoughts welcomed!  I always had the feeling the Mass and the graduation ceremony should be within a day of one another, but we’ll see.  A Monday night Mass and a Tuesday evening graduation?  It would be nice if anyone from our parish community could celebrate our graduates and what better way to do so than at Holy Mass. 

Congrats again to Mr. and Mrs. Larry Bates, married this past Saturday at Sacred Heart, and followed by a lovely reception at St. Hedwig’s Hall. Larry’s wife (known to so many of us) passed away this past year as did the husband of his new wife (her husband died several years ago as I understand).  Interestingly, Larry’s first wife’s brother was his new wife’s husband!  So much for taking a long time for getting to know one another!  They were in-laws for a long time!  How fun their decision to marry each other!  Many blessed years ahead to them!

Congratulations too, to the Henry family, Tom and Jane, on the marriage this past weekend of their daughter, Claire.  The wedding took place at the Basilica on campus. 

Our summer seminarian of three years ago, Rev. Mr. Stephen Felicichia, was ordained to the Diaconate (this weekend) on Saturday morning at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, in Fort Wayne.  We hope to be able to have him join us at some time this summer with him serving as Deacon for the Mass.  Congratulations to Stephen.  He will serve a year as a transitional Deacon and then, please God, be ordained to Holy Priesthood for our Diocese.  While Stephen is a Deacon (now) in transition to the Priesthood, we also have a number of men currently studying for the Permanent Diaconate for our Diocese, among them our own, Brent Jagla and former parishioner, John Burzynski.  Please keep them in your prayers too.
- Fr. John
St. Jude Usher’s Room/Communication Room: Some may notice that (in the next couple of weeks) there will be some new cabinets in the Usher’s room.  Did we spend money we don’t have, some may ask?  Nope!  We are finally using what remained of the kitchen cabinets from the old rectory kitchen, thanks to the efforts of Bob Swick & Joe Molnar, and any others they may have asked to help them in this endeavor. 

The cabinets were not that old when the new rectory was built, so some were repurposed into the lower level of the new rectory, a few in the garage, and now the balance being used in this room that serves the church and school.  As they used to say, “waste not, want not.” They were good cabinets that looked very nice and they have not gone by the wayside. Just wanted people to know.

Thanks to the crew of great guys who are on Bob’s team doing this work!

Sacred Heart/St. Jude: Between Fran (who does scheduling) and I, we are making a concerted effort to make sure I make it to Sacred Heart at least every four weeks (exceptions, plus or minus, as necessary) which means I will try to be there the first weekend of each month, and Fr. Julius at St. Jude.  I wish I could bi-locate as I very much enjoy being at Sacred Heart every bit as much as I do St. Jude.  Both are filled with great people who are fun to visit with before and after Mass, or just to see on a weekly basis.  Lots of warm, friendly, and kind people; true of every parish I’ve ever served!

Sacred Heart/St. Jude: It is after the Baptism of Our Lord (this weekend) that all the lovely Christmas decorations come down and we return to Ordinary Time until Lent is upon us—which will come soon enough.  This is a good time to say “thanks” to those responsible for the Christmas decorations at both churches.  We are blessed to have enjoyed true professionals when it comes to church decor, regardless of the season.  Each year has its little differences, and it is always a joy to see it on Christmas Eve and after.

Birthdays:  Since so close to the weekend, if you see Fran, her birthday was Thursday, and Abraham’s is Saturday!  Abe laughed and said he “is now old enough to rent a car without an extra fee!”  [I’m thinking to myself that I am getting close to being old enough that they won’t even rent a car to me when in EU!  I think they stop at 75.  I’ll be 70 this year!  Yikes!].