This week, evil found a home in New York State.  
“The New York legislature, with the enthusiastic encouragement of Gov. Cuomo and the abortion industry, passed a law to add more and later abortions to New York’s already staggering total.  New York’s new law will not only allow abortion up to birth, but is allows infanticide by letting babies that miraculously survive abortion be abandoned to die.”  A quote from a recent e-mail sent me by National Right to Life.

Our nation should be horrified.  Sadly, there are still those who see abortion as a right.  Since when is taking license over a situation, or in this case another’s life, a right?

“In discussing rights, Evangelium Vitae (no. 18, 1995) states the following:  The process which once led to discovering the idea of ‘human rights’—rights inherent in every person and prior to any Constitution and State legislation—is today marked by a surprising contradiction.  Precisely in an age when the inviolable rights of the person are solemnly proclaimed and the value of life is publicly affirmed, the very right to life is being denied or trampled upon, especially at the more significant moments of existence: the moment of birth and death.”

Killing is an intrinsic evil.  No blanket of “choice” or any other veil can conceal the vomiting stench of death.

In the end, no one has the right to do what is wrong.  The killing of a child was just that, from the moment of conception, but now to where New York state has taken it in their recent legislation, allowing an abortion right up to the moment of birth, is blatantly murder of a human life.

In so many other settings the life of a child in the womb is clearly a human being and child and not merely a “disposable fetus” (vehicular homicide, where a pregnant woman is killed, the law rightly sees it as the killing of the woman, but also the killing of her unborn child.  When a child in the womb is in danger of death, a good doctor will often do a   C-section and the baby will be in NICU, in an attempt to save the baby’s life).  How does a reasoning and sophisticated society allow abortion and how can they now allow it to be stretched to the point New York state has done? 

At what point will we as a society finally stand up and say, “Enough!”  How far are we from accepting infanticide as ancient pagan societies did in the distant past?  Actually, infanticide Is already happening, and not just in New York state.  In the case of a baby who somehow survives an abortion and allowed to die on the table (something not all that uncommon with some procedures), we have reached the point of infanticide.  
Shame on the American people if there is not outrage over this legislative move on the part of Cuomo and New York state.  Sad they are not outraged by the legalization of abortion over these many years. 

Professor Robert George: Supreme Court Justice and former Harvard Law School Dean  Elena Kagan  has praised George as "one of the nation's most respected legal theorists," saying that the respect he had gained was due to "his sheer brilliance, (the analytic power of his arguments, the range of his knowledge,") and "a deeply principled conviction, a profound and enduring integrity."        He is a 63-yr.-old Princeton prof whose credentials and talents would wow anyone.  Much of him is captured here: 

“Until a few minutes ago, I had never felt physically ill as a result of watching something on television. But the video footage of New York legislators applauding and cheering the monstrous late-term abortion bill they passed yesterday on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade literally nauseated me. The sheer inhumanity of applauding an act licensing and facilitating the killing of six, seven, eight, even nine month babies–babies who could be delivered and survive; babies with fully formed faces, eyelashes, fingernails; babies who hear and are familiar with their mother’s voice–turned my stomach. What kind of people are we? How can so many be utterly blind to such gross and manifest evil? These people were cheering. They were *cheering*. Where did this fanatical commitment to ensuring that the lives of children in the womb count for nothing–indeed less than nothing–come from? How did this contempt for human life insinuate itself into people’s hearts?” 
- Fr. John
St. Jude Usher’s Room/Communication Room: Some may notice that (in the next couple of weeks) there will be some new cabinets in the Usher’s room.  Did we spend money we don’t have, some may ask?  Nope!  We are finally using what remained of the kitchen cabinets from the old rectory kitchen, thanks to the efforts of Bob Swick & Joe Molnar, and any others they may have asked to help them in this endeavor. 

The cabinets were not that old when the new rectory was built, so some were repurposed into the lower level of the new rectory, a few in the garage, and now the balance being used in this room that serves the church and school.  As they used to say, “waste not, want not.” They were good cabinets that looked very nice and they have not gone by the wayside. Just wanted people to know.

Thanks to the crew of great guys who are on Bob’s team doing this work!

Sacred Heart/St. Jude: Between Fran (who does scheduling) and I, we are making a concerted effort to make sure I make it to Sacred Heart at least every four weeks (exceptions, plus or minus, as necessary) which means I will try to be there the first weekend of each month, and Fr. Julius at St. Jude.  I wish I could bi-locate as I very much enjoy being at Sacred Heart every bit as much as I do St. Jude.  Both are filled with great people who are fun to visit with before and after Mass, or just to see on a weekly basis.  Lots of warm, friendly, and kind people; true of every parish I’ve ever served!

Sacred Heart/St. Jude: It is after the Baptism of Our Lord (this weekend) that all the lovely Christmas decorations come down and we return to Ordinary Time until Lent is upon us—which will come soon enough.  This is a good time to say “thanks” to those responsible for the Christmas decorations at both churches.  We are blessed to have enjoyed true professionals when it comes to church decor, regardless of the season.  Each year has its little differences, and it is always a joy to see it on Christmas Eve and after.

Birthdays:  Since so close to the weekend, if you see Fran, her birthday was Thursday, and Abraham’s is Saturday!  Abe laughed and said he “is now old enough to rent a car without an extra fee!”  [I’m thinking to myself that I am getting close to being old enough that they won’t even rent a car to me when in EU!  I think they stop at 75.  I’ll be 70 this year!  Yikes!].

-Fr. John