SCHOOL FAMILIES AND RELIGIOUS ED FAMILIES:  All parents with children in school or religious education classes should encourage their children to become Altar Servers.  It is a great way for children to “give back” to God in a very meaningful way; a form of ministry in the Church.  Training for new servers or those who want/need a refresher will be coming up soon.  Please parents, help us by teaching your children this particular way of being a good steward before God.
THE ANNUAL RIGHT TO LIFE DINNER is coming up very soon and they are asking that reservations be in by this Monday, September 10, if at all possible.  We have approximately three tables of our members so far, but others may be interested in supporting this important gathering by purchasing a dinner ticket.  If you call the Parish Office with your interest, we will make an effort to have you seated with other St. Jude or Sacred Heart members, thus showing an even greater presence on the part of our parishes for something so important; the support of life. 
If you are attending on your own, please let them know you are a member of the parish so they can know how much we as a parish(es) do care; that we are very much Pro-Life parishes.
WHILE WE ARE ALL STILL REELING FROM THE CHURCH’S CRISIS, be very well-versed in what all the Church does for the good of all people, Catholic or not.  In any family, we suffer embarrassing and even sinful moments—and this has been overwhelming and a very sad thing mostly for any who have suffered wrong-doing from a Church person—but one should never lose sight of the great good that is within any family, the Church notwithstanding.  The Catholic Church still is and has always been the largest private giver of charity in the world.  She has been responsible for the development of the education system as we know it today, providing fantastic schools wherein most all go on to higher education and excel in their so doing.  She has provided hospitals, nursing homes, orphanages, homeless shelters, the feeding and clothing the poor in every locality, and much more.  For our sins, we must be truly sorry and do all possible to make changes, but as Catholics (YOU are the Church!), you can still be very proud of all the good that you do as Church, that the Church does in your name and with your help.  Trying times, and some will abandon Her, but let’s try not to toss out the baby with the bathwater.  Now, more than ever, know your faith, be a leader within it, and encourage others to follow the reason why we exist; Jesus Christ, crucified for you and me, and raised up in order that we might have eternal life.  Jesus Christ, yesterday, today, and tomorrow!
- Fr. John