Message for both parishes:  In the past, several years running, we’ve been fortunate to have an ND grad school intern to help with school Masses at St. Jude Parish.  This year, the program is low in numbers and no one was available, though we were not made aware until last week or so (short notice if one wants to hire someone of quality).  I had previously spoken to Abe about his fiancée, Emily, possibly having interest in working with the parish, but had no idea at the time how that might unfold.  In light of this ND intern matter, I asked if she would consider taking that position.  Although she was interested, the position did not have enough hours to compensate changing jobs. I thought that it may work to take the Sacred Heart music director position along with the St. Jude School position, combining the two.  Of course that would mean having to ask Del’Shawn to step down from the role at Sacred Heart. 

I wasn’t sure how I would begin to approach that consideration since we all like Del’Shawn and have enjoyed his presence with Sacred Heart, though always aware too that he would not be with us forever and would move on to greater things, given his immense talent.
I called Del’Shawn and asked to meet with him, told him of our situation/dilemma, and he was relieved and took it to be a matter of Providence.  He was wanting to leave (the reasons too many to list, but all very positive in every respect).  He had opportunities too, and knew he would be away in August one weekend, the month of October, and would not be around during Christmas.  Yikes! 

The upshot from our conversation is obvious.  All were happy, the problem I thought I had to ask him to step down was not really a problem.  He was pleased, saw it even as “the hand of God”, and all is well.  Long explanation, but it is always good to be very transparent about such things, when the reason for a change allows us to share details.

So, at the Annual Sacred Heart Choir party at Nancy Olson’s, we made it a celebration to bid farewell and Godspeed to Del’Shawn in his future endeavors, and welcome to Emily (Abe), introducing her (and her fiancé) to the Sacred Heart choir members.  All is good! 

God watches out for His people in ways we often do not expect, even when we are faced with difficult administrative matters.  Keep the Faith!

 -Fr. John