Flu Season:  With the flu season upon us, an urgent and strong reminder to those who are ill or certainly anyone with a fever, please, please, stay home from weekend Mass until you are well. Also, please do not take the Precious Blood from the chalice if you are fighting a cold or flu bug.

St Jude Members:  While never discouraging people who know one another from visiting after Mass has ended, it has been asked that we encourage visiting groups of friends to do so in the foyers or at coffee/donuts in order to accommodate those who would like to remain in church to pray quietly (or for baptisms that might be following Mass).  To assist all of us in remembering this issue of sensitivity, you will notice that after Mass, the Sacristan will turn off the lights in the main body of the church, leaving ON the other perimeter lights, Stations of the Cross (lights), and various track lights or Tabernacle/Altar lights. What we would not want to do is discourage people from staying on and visiting with one another; it’s part of what makes this parish so "family-friendly" and appealing to visitors.  Visiting is a great thing.

The Cry Room and its use:  It has been asked by those who are older, have hearing difficulties, or wear hearing devices, if when a child is crying loudly, that the parents would please use the Cry Room, since most people with any hearing deficit (we will all get there someday) cannot hear when there are ambient noises in the same room/space.  It all becomes a blur of noise at that point.  Please do not think that this means others who are asking do not welcome children.  That would not be a fair statement at all, clearly.  Most all who are asking have also been there and raised several children of their own and know well how children will be children.

Adults who are NOT with little children really have no business sitting in the Cry Room, leaving less space for parents of small children who may need it (or as some parents have told me, some of the older adults sitting in there without children complain or give angry looks to the parents with crying children).  The room is intended for the parents with small children!  It is not the catch-all for people who arrive late each week or think they can hear better in there or simply like the cushioned chairs.  It is a room designed as a Cry Room and for that purpose
I only raise these concerns because I've been asked to do so.  I can honestly say that a crying child will rarely bother me; I can always speak louder than they can cry. I'm very sympathetic to the Moms and Dads who are trying to manage little ones at the same time as trying to get something from Mass for themselves.  God love them for being there and doing so!

 -Fr. John