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Mission Statement

We are a family committed to living for Christ, learning for life.


The vision of St. Jude Catholic School is to provide opportunities for students to explore and share their Catholic faith. We challenge students to embrace habits of lifelong learning, exercise strong moral conscience, and model lives of Christian service. The school will provide superior academic preparation for secondary school education,enabling students to serve as leaders in their school, church, and civic community. This education will provide accessible and affordable options for students of diverse backgrounds. St. Jude will remain a welcoming home for its alumni and friends.

Falcons' Pledge

As a member of the St. Jude Catholic School community, I will conduct myself with honor, respecting all people in my words and actions. I will act with integrity, making a sincere effort in all my studies and pursuits. I will speak out against the mistreatment others and respond to God's grace with actions of service and goodwill.

Core Values – FISH

FAITH – St Jude students will attain a deep knowledge and positive attitude about their faith, reflective of the school’s Catholic identity.

INSTRUCTION – St. Jude will provide a challenging and meaningful education to every student who is accepted.

SERVICE – St. Jude students, faculty and staff will serve one another and their community.

HONOR – St. Jude students, faculty and staff will engage in positive, constructive social conduct.

Strategic Planning

St. Jude School Board of St. Jude Catholic School is actively involved in developing, implementing, and maintaining a working strategic plan. This effort requires the participation of the pastor, administration, teachers, staff, students, and families of St. Jude Catholic School. Participation and cooperation in strategic planning efforts is welcome. Copies of the plan may be viewed online or in the office.