Parish Pastoral Council

As described in the Guidelines issued by our Bishop, the Parish Pastoral Council should consist of a representation of the community that helps the Pastor give total spiritual care for all.

The Council wishes to promote the development of a strong sense of spirituality within the parish and to this end they plan and coordinate spiritual activities.  The Council meets every 3rd Tuesday of the Month at 7:00PM in the St. Jude School library.

Parish Council

The Parish Council meets the 3rd Monday of the month in the Catherine of Siena Room. The role of the Council is to promote the Church's mission to live and communicate the love, values, and teaching of Christ in our world. The Council shares in the responsibility for the ongoing life and development of the faith community, working together with parishioners to provide support for their efforts to live as followers of Christ.

Church Cleaners

Behind the scene workers! There are approximately 30 persons presently involved. They help to keep the Church and sanctuary clean so that the atmosphere is always inviting and conducive to prayer.

Parish Mission

This  spiritual event is held annually. An attempt is made to reach all ages of the parish community.

Finance Committee

The members of this Committee, chosen by the Pastor for their experience and skills at fiscal management, assist in the administration of financial matters. The diocesan stipulation is that the membership serve a term of five years after which they must sit out for at least one year after which a member may be requested to serve another term.

Buildings & Grounds Committee

The primary objective of this Committee is to take care of the ‘brick and mortar’ of the parish. Preventive maintenance, repair, replacement and landscaping are some of the areas that the Committee deals in.