romanmissal 160The Roman Missal, 3rd ed. will be implemented in the United States of America on the First Sunday of Advent, November 27, 2011. We have gathered resources and information to help parishoners understand and feel comfortable with the changes in the words we will hear and speak at Mass.

Pope John Paul II announced a revised version of the Missale Romanum during the Jubilee Year 2000. Among other things, the revised edition of the Missale Romanum contains prayers for the observances of recently canonized saints, additional prefaces for the Eucharistic Prayers, additional Votive Masses and Masses and Prayers for Various Needs and Occasions, and some updated and revised rubrics (instructions) for the celebration of the Mass. The English translation of the Roman Missal also includes updated translations of existing prayers, including some of the well-known responses and acclamations of the people.

The entire Church in the United States has been blessed with this opportunity to deepen its understanding of the Sacred Liturgy, and to appreciate its meaning and importance in our lives.

Sample Texts

Order of Mass -  The text of the Order of Mass
Order of Mass - Annotated - Annoated text of the Order of Mass
People's Parts of the Mass
- With commentary
Priests's Parts of the Mass - With commentary
The General Instruction of the Roman Missal

Web Sites


Eucharistic Prayer I - Download PDF here

  Eucharistic Prayer II - Download PDF here

Eucharistic Prayer III - Download PDF here

Eucharistic Prayer IV  - Download PDF here

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