The greatest sacred instrument is the human voice; through singing we create the music most closely tied to our spirit and our bodies.  The main purpose of instruments like the organ and the piano is to support the singing of the congregation.  So then why do we use other instruments as well, such as drums, woodwinds, or brass?  These instruments, more than any other, are for PARTIES!

Liturgy, after all, is basically a party. It’s a celebration—it may be a very solemn party, certainly one ruled by very strict forms, and thus very formal—but at it’s core, the liturgy is a party. It incorporates gathering, greeting, singing, eating, drinking, and more singing. Trumpets, flutes, stringed instruments—these things are to add splendor, beauty, and joy to our greatest parties.

Think of them as festive instruments—used primarily for feasts!  

No matter what you play, woodwind, brass, string, or percussion, there is an opportunity for you at St. Jude! We would love to have a woodwind ensemble, a brass quintet, or a string quartet--all kinds of things are possible! Contact the director about specific opportunities.