roman missalFor You and For Many:
 The change that has garnered the most attention is the one that explains for whom Jesus will pour out his blood. The current translation says, “for you and for all,” but the revised translation says, “for you and for many.” Logically, this has raised the objection, “Wait a minute. Does this mean that Jesus did not pour out his blood for all? Has he changed his mind about how many he came to save? If he poured out his blood for many, than who are these many, and who are not?”

centurionAnother line that might cause some confusion comes just before the sharing of communion.  We’re used to saying, “Lord, I am not worthy to receive you.” But the new translation will have us say, “Lord, I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof.” To a lot of English speakers, this will sound like a reference to the roof of the mouth, as though we are not worthy to swallow communion – even though, immediately after saying these words, we drop everything and enter the communion line.

with your_spiritPerhaps the most obvious change in the Roman Missal will be the dialogue that appears several times during Mass.  Currently, when the Priest says, “The Lord be with you,” we respond with a hearty, “And also with you.”  Beginning November 27th, we will respond, “And with your spirit.”


Jim Murphy Returns!

Tuesday, November 1st in the Keller Room at St. Jude following the 6 p.m. All Saints Mass (about 7 p.m.).

With the help of his guitar and singing, Jim will lead us through a spiritual journey. If you have never experienced an evening with Jim, it‟s something you shouldn‟t miss!

SaintJude icon 2Patronal Feast of St. Jude

Sunday, October 30

In celebration of this feast, we are having a potluck brunch following the 10:00 a.m. Mass in the Keller Room. Please bring your favorite brunch dish. Some ideas include: egg casserole, French toast casserole, sweet breads, ham slices, fruit, hot potato dish, pastries and juice.

Sign-up sheets are in the lobby of each parish or call either Parish Office.

byerParish Mission:

This Really is the Mass

Glenn CJ Byer, MA, SLD - Over 4 nights, Dr. Byer will lead us in a parish mission:
  • Have your questions about the Mass answered.
  • Think about what we think we know.
  • Discuss how Communion affects your life every day.
  • Get explanations about what the Church teaches about Mass.