St. Jude Catholic Parish - South Bend, Indiana

In John’s Gospel Jesus gave Peter a three-fold command, following his declaration of love to Jesus three times: “feed My sheep, tend My sheep and again feed My sheep”.

In a small way, St. Jude SVdP Conference is dedicated in its mission to follow Jesus’ command. Our personal deliveries to those in need are opportunities to, in part, fulfill God’s command as we strive to provide physical sustenance and listening ears so as to offer to pray with and/or for our clients’ needs.

Your Conference is contemplating extending service to God’s flock by financially twinning with a SVdP Conference outside of the US boundary, internationally (Central or South America) or Puerto Rico. Our contact with a selected twinned Conference would be by sending funds through the US National Council of SVdP, perhaps 5% of our annual budget, for distribution. We currently twin with St. Adalbert by assisting a week each month with their home visits.

Any feedback from St. Jude & Sacred Heart parishioners on this undertaking would be welcomed. We members are ever-mindful that our work is made possible by the generosity of funds and prayers from you, and for that, we thank you!