Up-coming Parish(es) Mission:  Each year the Faith Formation Committee (made up of members from both parishes) do their best to invite an outstanding priest-speaker to provide the parishes with a Parish Mission.  Once again this year, we will be having our Mission October 22nd through 25th, beginning with the weekend Masses (homily by the Mission priest(s), and during the week at 7:00 p.m.  We plan to offer baby-sitting for those who tell us they can not attend due to having small children that need child care.  For those who do not drive after dark we ask that others attending might offer to pick up someone that you know who is elderly or does not drive after dusk.  Those who need a ride, speak up!  Don’t be timid in asking someone to call for you!  The two priests coming will be of the Redemptorist Order.  One has a grandmother living in our parish area.  Please put the dates in your calendar and plan on giving yourself this gift to your own spiritual wellbeing.  Everyone can use a spiritual shot-in-the-arm now and then.

Men in both parishes:  the Men’s “Welcome” weekend is soon approaching.  Much has been said about it and much in the bulletin to help inform.  Please set aside this important weekend; again a wonderful part of the mission of the two parishes, to help our men come together in prayer, spiritual growth and forming new and meaningful friendships.  The Women’s Retreat is coming soon too!

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion:  We have had a request from Southfield Village Nursing Home for volunteers to bring Holy Communion on Sundays, to where the minister would arrive in time to give Communion to those in the TV area when people finished watching Mass on TV.  They would all be gathered in the one room and it would only take that short space of time to give those present Holy Communion.  No other service would be required, nor going to the various rooms.

The request came to us through of the St. Matt's member who helps with the Wednesday Communion Service.  She is willing to be one of a team that might be formed so that if 6 (who are willing) would only be required to visit a few times a year.

If you are interested, please call the office; if we can garner enough helpers, we will offer the ministry.  As it is, they are receiving on Wednesday's, if they choose to come to the gathering space where Mass or Communion service takes place.

The TV Mass is on at 10:30, which means the volunteer/minister would need to be there in time to join them for viewing, or at least be there by 10:45, so they are not left waiting too long for Communion.  Obviously, their desire is to receive as close to the time of having watched Holy Mass on TV.  Thanks so much for your consideration.  If you are not presently an Extraordinary minister, but would like to do this particular ministry, training would be provided for you; which would not be very time-consuming.

Delayed in getting this into the bulletin:  mea culpa!  Kudos once again to Sacred Heart members and many of their helpers (some too from St. Jude Parish) who put together one of the best fish fries ever!  Salads are always outstanding, but even more so it seemed this time.  The "salad bar" alone was worth the ticket price!  Desserts delicious too!  The crowd was huge, and they were chomping at the bit from the moment the doors were unlocked.  There is no question, Sacred Heart's Fish Fries are THE BEST in all of South Bend and outlying areas!  Everyone says so.  Thanks for all the hard work in making it another great success!

Parish Picnic:  An enjoyable afternoon too!  good food, the Knights did their usual wonderful job with burgers and hot dogs (thanks, Knights!), and thanks to the "committee" who was headed primarily by our Parish Council Chair, Yolonda Hahn.  Thanks again for providing this good time and get-together for the many parish members who enjoy attending each year.

This past Saturday was my 50-year Class Reunion, held on the grounds of our Alma Mater, Bishop Luers High School.  The new chapel (very similar to SJHS's new chapel, was very beautiful for our reunion Mass to begin the evening.  The social gathering to follow was held in their newly remodeled library/media center, which is also quite nicely done.  We all (80+ who attended, of the approximate 200 still living) looked pretty good considering that I used to think those who attended their 50-year reunion were old!  I no longer think so.
October 21st, also a Saturday coming quickly, is my cousin's wedding reception in Fort Wayne.  It will be great to be gathered with  many of the family, seeing them all at once, and many of whom I only see infrequently.  Their wedding will have taken place outside the area (Portugal) so the reception is for those of us who "didn't get to go" which is most all of the family and Fort Wayne friends.

In this week ahead . . . The priests of the diocese will be attending a few days of "'continuing education" which means many parishes will not have their regularly scheduled weekday Masses on Wednesday or Thursday mornings ~ St. Jude will! The sessions begin Tuesday evening and end Thursday noon.  We gather at Pokagon's Inn, as we do for the annual Priest's Retreat. 
 -Fr. John