St. Jude 8th Grade is having a Nelson’s Port-A-Pit chicken fundraiser Friday, October 15 at Community Wide Federal Credit Union on Ireland Road from 3:30 until 6:00 or until we sell out.

christmas scripHaving trouble getting the right Christmas gift? Why not order Scrip gift cards as a present or even use Scrip to purchase the gifts!!  Scrip is the easiest fundraiser! Scrip is gift certificates or cards to restaurants and stores. You buy the gift card at face value and it is worth the same face value. St. Jude makes it profit by buying the gift certificates in bulk and at a discounted rate. There are over 500 local and national vendors. To view a complete list, go to Use enrollment code F1E2B8EF784

Make a contribution to the Scholarship Granting Organization of Northeast (SGONEI) and receive a 50% credit (refund) against your State of Indiana taxes!

Join us and support St. Jude HASA Tuesday, September 14 at the Erskine Village Hacienda 4650 Miami Street South Bend.

RE is for parish children, grades K-8, who are not enrolled in Catholic school. Sessions are held weekly on Sunday mornings at St. Jude Church. Please contact our Faith Formation Director, Heather Buison at (574) 291-0570 for further details.

Registration For The 2021-2022 School Year Is Now Open!

Classes will begin on Sunday, September 12th at 11am.


Our Religious Education program will be using the Christ Our Life series from Loyola Press. Christ Our Life features the original spiral curriculum — a teaching process that ensures consistent progress toward an accurate and thorough understanding of the faith.