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There are a number of programs at St. Jude in which you can participate to help us acquire school supplies, monies, and other benefits that we would otherwise have to draw from tuition or other sources. Here is a short list:

1. SCRIP: Click Here to learn more and order (ONLINE SCRIP IS HERE!)

How it works: You purchase face value gift certificates for local businesses and we receive a small percentage back (from those companies) as profit. The program returns a percentage toward school families' tuition as well.
Upwards of $15,000 per year toward school technology resources and tuition credit back to participating families.

2. Martin's "Advantages for Education" (school code 4754): Click her to learn more (register at the store)

How it works: Our school earns points every time you use your Martin's Advantage card. It's that simple! Remember to enhance your Martin's purchasing power by paying for your purchases with SCRIP.

Over the past four years, we have acquired calculators, DVD players, library books, digital cameras, scanners, CD/Stereo players, and an IMAC computer worth over $1400. This is a hugely beneficial program for so little effort.

3. Amazon SMILE: Register your new or existing Amazon account at

How it works: Amazon contributes a percentage of profits from your purchases to St. Jude Church. You can add your charity by searching the 46614 ZIP code and then looking for St. Jude Church. Be sure to initiate all purchases from (purchasing from will not count toward the charity). Qualifying orders will be marked with the "Amazon Smile" logo in your order history. BETTER YET, you can STILL USE SCRIP GIFT CARDS TO PAY FOR YOUR AMAZON SMILE PURCHASE, in effect getting twice the benefit!

Benefit: St. Jude Church receives a quarterly deposit based on earned Amazon Smile credits. St. Jude Church subsidizes a significant portion of the school's funding, so any benefit to the church is a benefit to our school and our students. 

4. Coke Points: My coke rewards - donate in three easy steps

How it works: Coke points can be entered by families individually. Go to the website and create an account. Enter your points. Once you have accumulated enough points to make a donation, use the search tool to find St. Jude (suggestion start with ZIP code 46614 -> go to the 2nd page of search results and click on the school profile). Follow the instructions to donate your points.
Benefit: Cash

5. Limited time: Campbell's Grandstand for schools

How it works: We no longer collect Campbell's labels, but go to this website and enter your email address. Use the 46614 ZIP code and select "St Jude School" from the list. YOU CAN DO THIS ONCE EACH DAY PER EMAIL ADDRESS! You can also earn bonus entries for uploading receipts from an eligible purchase. Contest ends October 31, 2017.
Benefit: Opportunity for the school to win up to $10,000 cash. (We earned $1000 two years ago)

6. Recycling

How it works: There is a bin in the lunch room and by the south side doors may use to recycle any brand of juice pouch (no boxes) or aluminum soda cans (no alcoholic beverages please).
Benefit: Both types of items can be redeemed for cash.