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Indiana's School Choice legislation now makes it possible for qualifying students in Grades K-12 to attend St. Jude and receive significant financial support. For example, a family of 5 making less than $85,100 may qualify for at least 50% of their tuition paid. A family of 5 earning less than $113,500 may qualify for an SGO scholarship. There are many pathways for students to qualify. Visit the DOE website for details about the program and eligibility requirements. Be sure to schedule a personal visit if you would like to discuss enrolling at St. Jude. Our annual lottery date is May 1 or the first business day thereafter.

Names of students to be entered in the lottery will be written or designated by an identifying number on cards or paper of equal size, weight, and presentation, placed into an opaque recepticle, and drawn by a member of the St. Jude administration or a designee thereof. Any sections not filled after the lottery will automatically establish a waiting list. A description of St. Jude's admissions policy and its relationship to the School Choice lottery process can be found in this document.